Guest lecture: The Language of Feminism, Anchored in Hope

Professor Cheryl Glenn will give a guest lecture Friday November 15. The lecture is titled “The Language of Feminism, Anchored in Hope” and is open to everyone.


“The Language of Feminism, Anchored in Hope” honors contemporary expansions of rhetoric in terms of theory, practitioners, and practices. I’ve forged a new pathway that begins at the nexus of rhetoric, feminism, and hope, a juncture where the rhetorical practices and power of so-called Others have remained mostly disregarded—perhaps because they purposefully resist traditional rhetorical practices and displays. Nonetheless, many of these Others are formidable rhetors whose feminist praxes are admirably potent. In my presentation, I codify these resistant practices as constituent features of a theory I call “rhetorical feminism.” My hope is that the best parts of these rhetorical feminist praxes will meld with the best parts of rhetoric writ large.

About the lecturer:

Cheryl Glenn is Distinguished Professor of English and Women’a Studies at Penn State University, Director of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, and co-founder of Penn State’s Center for Democratic Deliberation. Her scholarly work focuses on histories of women’s rhetorics and writing practices, feminist theories and practices, inclusionary rhetorical practices and theories, and contexts and processes for the teaching of writing. In 2015, she received an honorary doctorate from Orebro University for her rhetorical scholarship and influence. In 2019, she received the Conference on College Composition and Communication Exemplar Award.


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