Direct and split agreement patterns of person and number in transitive verbs in Gu-jingaliya (Maningrida, Northern Australia)

David Felipe Guerrero-Beltran (Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle, Université de Paris/CNRS & School of Languages and Linguistics, University of Melbourne) holder foredrag. Han skal snakke om grammatiske relasjoner i et australsk språk. Arrangementet er åpent for alle. Velkommen!

Gu-jingaliya (also referred to as Burarra/Gun-nartpa) is a non-Pama-Nyungan language from northern Australia that belongs to the Maningrida language family. This language has a highly agglutinative and synthetic morphology that is especially salient in person and number marking in verbs and nominals.  Like in other agglutinative languages, Gu-jingaliya transitive verbs can agree with both subject and object depending on their referential features. However, Gu-jingaliya presents a system in which person and number prefixes can agree with different arguments, resulting in split agreement patterns. I will present an overview of the person-number system and the main characteristics of the agreement patterns of person and number in Gu-jingaliya transitive verbs.

Publisert 23. sep. 2021 16:06 - Sist endret 1. okt. 2021 12:28