Practical information

Conference location

The workshop will take place at the 12th floor of Niels Treschows hus, at the University of Oslo campus at Blindern. You can find a map of the campus here.

Once you enter the building, you will find elevators on your right. The 12th floor is the top floor, with a lovely view over Oslo (if the weather is nice).

Connecting to the wifi at the conference: If you have eduroam from your home institution, you will be able to use that same network here.

Otherwise, you may use the uioguest network. Follow the instructions on this page.

Getting to Oslo

The nearest airport is Oslo Gardermoen (OSL), which is about 20 minutes away from the city centre via train. Some low-fare airlines fly to Torp (TRF), which is less accessible.

The fastest and most convenient way to travel from Gardermoen airport to central Oslo is by train. There are two types of trains you can take: Vy (formerly NSB) and Flytoget.

The cheapest option is to travel by regular train, operated by Vy (red ticket machines). Select “Oslo S” (Oslo Sentralstasjon) as your destination to travel to Oslo’s central station. The ticket costs approximately 100 kroner, and the ticket is also valid for the metro (t-bane in Norwegian), bus and tram network once in Oslo, which means you won’t need to purchase a separate ticket to use the local, public transport. The ticket will be valid for two hours and 30 minutes in total.

Another option is to take the Flytoget (Airport Express Train, silver and orange ticket machines). This is considerably more expensive than the Vy trains: Approx. 200 kroner for a single ticket. It will only get you as far as to Central Oslo: a Flytoget ticket is not valid on the Oslo T-bane/buses/trams. However, Flytoget runs more frequently than the Vy trains: once every ten minutes, as opposed to once every 20/30. 

Both trains take around 20 minutes to get to central Oslo. They both have wifi on board. This website will allow you to see what time trains depart from Gardermoen, as well as to plan your journey once in central Oslo.

Getting around in Oslo

The public transportation system in Oslo is called Ruter. You can purchase Ruter tickets by using the RuterBillett app for Android or iOS, or the ticket machines that are at some of the metro platforms. You can also buy Ruter tickets in convenience stores such as Narvesen, 7-Eleven, Deli de Luca or Mix. These tickets work for metro, bus, tram, train and boat in the Oslo area. You can buy single tickets, or a period ticket (for example for 24 hours). For more information on different tickets and prices, see this website.

The workshop takes place at the University of Oslo campus at Blindern. To travel to Blindern from the city centre, you can either take the metro (T-bane) or tram (trikk):

  • by metro: take line 4 or 5 (westbound) to the stop called Forskningsparken. From there, it is only a short walk to the Blindern campus.
  • by tram: take line 17 or 18 with direction Rikshospitalet, and get off at the stop called Universitetet Blindern. The campus is right next to the tram stop.

Note that the metro, tram and bus stop by Oslo Central station is called Jernbanetorget.


Oslo also has many hotels or hostels in various prices ranges that you may consider. Here are a few suggestions:

You can find a list of budget accommodations here


Oslo can be cold in December. If you want to make sure you pack the right kind of clothes, you can use to check the weather forecast.

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