12th International Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics Conference (APLL12)

The Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics Research Group is pleased to announce that its twelfth international conference – APLL12 – will be held as a digital event run from the University of Oslo on 18-20 June, 2020.

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The purpose of the APLL conferences is to provide a venue for presentation of the best current research on Austronesian and Papuan languages and linguistics and to promote collaboration and research in this area. APLL12 follows previous APLL conferences held in Leiden, Surrey, Paris and London, and the Austronesian Languages and Linguistics (ALL) conferences held at SOAS and St Catherine's College, Oxford (see https://sites.google.com/view/apllconference/previous-upcoming-conferences).

Programme update Thursday 18 June:

Holly Scott's talk which was scheduled at 18.00 CEST has been cancelled. 

Keynote speakers:

Birgit Hellwig, University of Cologne: Language documentation, acquisition and socialization: The sketch acquisition manual (abstract)

Attend the talk (Thursday, 18 June, 09.30 CEST): https://uio.zoom.us/j/65377499578

Daniel Kaufman, City University of New York: Decoupling the relation-marking and transitivity-marking functions of Austronesian voice (abstract)

Attend the talk (Saturday, 20 June, 16.00 CEST): https://uio.zoom.us/j/69240849859

Early career plenary speakers:

Jens Hopperdietzel, Leibniz-ZAS Berlin: On the composition of manner and result: Causative secondary predicates in Oceanic (abstract)

Attend the talk (Saturday, 20 June, 08.45 CEST): https://uio.zoom.us/j/63928545028

Katherine Anne Strong, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, and Kate L. Lindsey, Boston University: Sociophonetic variation in the South Fly: Evidence from Ende (abstract; this talk will be pre-recorded and provided with captions.)

Attend the talk (Friday, 19 June, 18.00 CEST): https://uio.zoom.us/j/65324953793

APLL12 is going digital! 

Given restrictions on travel and social interaction as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will hold this year's APLL conference as an online event. Please check this website regularly for updated information. 

How will this work?

  • Before the conference, you will need to download Zoom, which you can do here: https://zoom.us/download. We will send you a Meeting ID for each conference session. To join a session, open Zoom, click Join, and enter the Meeting ID. You will then be prompted for a password, which we will also send you ahead of time. If you're presenting a talk, Zoom lets you share your Powerpoint with the audience as well as showing video of you speaking. We will have a virtual reception room where you can go to try this out beforehand and get help if you need it. More detailed instructions for presenters and audience are available under the 'Practical information' link.

What are we doing to make sure it's safe?

  • In order to prevent so-called Zoombombing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoombombing), we will use a few different measures. The invited talks will be run as webinars which means we as hosts have complete control over who can share anything on the screen.
  • In a webinar you can only see the hosts and presenters, and for a cosy conference ambiance we prefer to be able to see everyone's faces during the regular talks. Therefore we will run these as Zoom meetings, which will be password protected and use the waiting room function to make sure only registered participants are able to join. We will post more detailed information soon about how to log into a session, how to ask questions in a digital talk, etc.  

Do I need to register and is there a fee?

  • There is no conference fee, but we do need you to register if you want to participate, in order to be able to implement the abovementioned security measures. Registration is quick and easy - click on the link in the menu on the left and fill in the form.
  • Please register no later than Monday, 15 June to allow us to get all the relevant information out to registered participants on time and to be sure our list of participants is complete by  the time the conference starts.

What about the time difference now that we're not all physically in Oslo?

  • Unfortunately, there isn't much we as organisers can do about the time difference if you're in a different time zone. We have organised the program so that no one will have to present their talk in the middle of the night, but if something you want to listen to is at 3am your time, all we can do is recommend a mug of good strong coffee. Our revised program for the online conference does not have parallel sessions; we hope this will make it easier for people to attend the talks they're most interested in. 

What about coffee and lunch breaks?

  • We will use Zoom to allow you to mingle with your colleagues during lunch and coffee breaks. At lunchtime you will be able to choose between a few lunch groups with different themes in order to increase your chances of finding colleagues who are interested in talking about the same topics as you. These may be divided into smaller groups using the 'breakout room' function in Zoom to make it easier for people to talk in small groups. See the programme for the individual lunch session topics (sometimes completely serious, sometimes slightly less so ... )
  •  Coffee breaks will similarly be run using Zoom's 'breakout rooms' which divide participants into smaller groups. You'll be placed in a random group with a few others, which might give you the opportunity both to catch up with old acquaintances and to make some new ones! 
  • Unfortunately, of course, you'll have to provide your own lunch and coffee. We wish we could feed you through the screen, but that technology hasn't been invented yet. 

But the best part of conferences is having drinks with colleagues at the end of the day! 

  • Yep, and that's why we have social hangouts on Zoom on Thursday and Friday evening. Grab a drink and join with the same procedure as the conference sessions. 
  • During the conference itself, you can also use the digital reception room as a place to hang out and chat. The reception room is open Thursday and Friday 08.30-17.00 CEST, as well as on Wednesday afternoon from 15.00 to 17.00

So this is all going to be smooth and problem-free then?

  • We hope so, but realistically, probably not. If technical issues arise, please be patient with us; we don't have any extra technical support available, so we have to try to figure things out ourselves. If things don't seem to be working when you log on and have been let into the session from the waiting room, try logging off and on again. If there's a problem with the whole session, the host will try to re-start the Zoom meeting; if this happens, the meeting will close and you should wait a few moments and try again. Delays and glitches are probably inevitable, but we're confident (fairly) that we will get everything running in the end! 

Can I help with anything?

  • Yes please! Running this as outlined above is going to require people who can manage the waiting rooms, the virtual reception room etc. Avoiding parallel sessions comes at the cost of long days, so the more people pitch in, the easier it will be on everyone involved. Don't worry if you don't have any idea how to do these things, we will give you thorough instructions! If you're willing to help, please contact us at apll12oslo@iln.uio.no. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions (but be prepared for the answer to be 'we don't know yet, but we're working on it')! 

Local organisers:

Åshild Næss

Jozina Vander Klok

Linn Iren Sjånes Rødvand




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