Prøveforelesning: Førsteamanuensis i runologi og eldre nordisk språkhistorie

Alessandro Palumbo holder sin prøveforelesning for stillingen som førsteamanuensis i runologi og eldre nordisk språkhistorie. Åpent for alle

Bildet kan inneholde: lydutstyr, mikrofon, teknologi, rom.

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Tema for prøveforelesning:

You are teaching a new course entitled "Runic inscriptions as sources for Scandinavian language and cultural history”. The course has been designed by you, and includes examples from your own research. The target group is BA and MA students who have completed NFI1100 - Runology – General Introduction. This is the introductory lecture, and you will give an overview lecture presenting and discussing the key topics and approaches you have chosen to cover in the course.

Tidsrammen for forelesningen er 45 minutter. Det bør gis anledning for studentene å stille spørsmål.

Publisert 12. mai 2020 11:30 - Sist endret 12. mai 2020 11:30