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Sari Ylinen - Technology-enhanced language learning in children and adults. The perspective of the brain

Sari Ylinen er forsker ved det utdanningsvitenskapelige fakultetet ved Universitetet i Helsinki. Hun kommer til klinisk forum 14. November. 

Foredraget vil holdes på engelsk. 

Bildet kan inneholde: briller, ansikt, hår, briller, hake.

Foreign- and second-language (L2) learning have become increasingly important. To develop new techniques for language learning, a better understanding of neurocognitive mechanisms of L2 learning is needed. In this presentation, I will focus on possibilities of technology in language learning and review some studies on speech and language training that have utilized digital and speech technology. I will also tell about a digital language learning game that we have designed and present experimental results on its effects on L2 learning in children with typical or atypical language skills.

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