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Fleksibel tilegnelse av ord og lyder

Julien Mayor er førsteamanuensis ved Psykologisk institutt, UiO. Han kommer til oss for å snakke om barns tidlige språkutvikling.

Foredraget holdes på engelsk, og er åpent for alle. Under følger et kort sammendrag.

Growing up to be flexible with words and sounds

Textbooks suggest that young children learn just one word for each object. This strategy, referred to as Mutual Exclusivity, is deemed to help them learn words efficiently. I will present data with infants and children suggesting that they are more flexible with word learning than typically considered, and that early word learning is built upon a network of word-object associations. I will provide further evidence for a spontaneous activation of dense networks of associations between words and objects in bilingual adults. Finally, I will introduce a model of the formation of the perceptual vowel space in monolingual and simultaneous bilinguals, which shows how vowel perception in native speakers of a language can be altered depending on whether they are exposed to another language or not.

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