What is (an) emotion?

This new meeting intends to raise the question and improve our own understanding of the emotion concept and of the delimitation of emotions, thus both titles "what is emotion?" or "what is (an) emotion?" are appropriate.

So far we have got Jens Braarvig, "Some terms related to the concept of emotion", Ana Rita Ferreira, "Emotions as upheavals of thoughts (Martha Nussbaum)", Diana Santos, "What is (an) emotion? My answer at the third meeting of Travelling Emotions", and Elizaveta Khachaturyan on the program. Others are most welcome!  

This is our third meeting in the Travelling Emotions interdepartmental research network.

Remains of our previous meetings can be found here.

Publisert 23. feb. 2016 15:35 - Sist endret 4. apr. 2016 23:37