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Kommende 5 dager

i dag apr.
Tid og sted: 25. apr. 2019 15:15 - 17:00, HW536

Kristin Bech (ILOS) presents work from the ongoing project “Constraints on syntactic variation: noun phrases in old Germanic languages”

26 apr.
Tid og sted: 26. apr. 2019 13:00 - 14:00, Seminarrom 7, P.A. Munchs hus, 1. etg

Kristin Gjesdal (Temple University, USA)

Tid og sted: 26. apr. 2019 13:00 - 14:00, Seminarrom 7, P.A. Munchs hus, 1. etg.

Kristin Gjesdal (Temple University, USA)

29 apr.
A picture of the Rosetta stone next to a picture of a multilingual sign for a councelling center for migrant women. Photo: Colourbox.
Tid og sted: 29. apr. 2019 - 30. apr. 2019, Professorboligen, Karl Johans gate 47

The purpose of the round-table is to bring together sociolinguists, classicists and historians who study multilingualism in antiquity and medieval times (Day 1) and in imperial, colonial and postcolonial times (Day 2) and to engage in a dialog about continuities and discontinuities in multilingual practices shaped by conquests, migrations and globalizations.

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Tid og sted: 2. mai 2019 09:00 - 3. mai 2019 17:00, Meetingroom 536, 5 floor, Henrik Wergelands hus

This course focuses on empirical aspects of linguistic studies; the goal is to raise awareness of the possibilities and pitfalls associated with different data types. The instructors are linguists with extensive experience collecting and analysing different types of data.

Picture of classroom. Photo: Colourbox
Tid og sted: 7. mai 2019 - 9. mai 2019, Room 231, Helga Engs Hus

PhD course organized by MultiLing and the research group Studies of Instruction across Subjects and Competences (SISCO) at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. 

Professor Emeritus Stephen D. White. Photo: Camilla K. Elmar, CAS Oslo
Tid og sted: 7. mai 2019 - 11. mai 2019, Sophus Bugges hus

The 42nd Generative Linguistics in the Old World conference (GLOW 42)  will be held at the University of Oslo from May 7-11, 2019. The conference will consist of a main colloquium (May 8-10, Wednesday to Friday) and three thematic workshops (on Tuesday, May 7th and Saturday, May 11th).

Tid og sted: 10. mai 2019 13:15, Helga Engs hus, auditorium 2

Cand.philol. Ommund Carsten Vareberg ved Institutt for lingvistiske og nordiske studier vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d.: Samarbeid og sekvensialitet – transmedial koherens i fem pedagogiske tekstsystemer for norskfaget på Vg1

Tid: 21. mai 2019 09:00 - 23. mai 2019 17:00

This course, by PhD Mélissa Berthet, Ecole Normale Supérieure, aims to provide students with basic knowledge in order to understand and conduct research on animal linguistics. We will focus on the basic theoretical concepts of physics, anatomy, ethology and linguistics that are relevant to the field of animal linguistics. Furthermore, this course will introduce (i) how to design an experiment, (ii) data collection techniques and methodology, (iii) methodology of data processing, with a practical course on the Praat and Elan software and (iv) data analysis methods.