Janne Bondi Johannessen om modale determinativer

Onsdag 9. mai klokka 14.15 - 16.00 vil professor Janne Bondi Johannessen holde foredraget "Modale determinativer" i seminarrekka Teoretisk lingvistikk.


In this talk I will discuss the use of 'sånn' (such)  in modern
Norwegian exemplified with the Oslo dialect, and compare it with the
use of the demonstratives (not pronouns) 'han'/'hun' (he / she).
First, I will show that there are two kinds of 'sånn', both deictic,
but where one has additional pragmatic functions. I will show that
'sånn' and 'han'/'hun' have a lot  in common pragmatically,
grammatical y and phonological. Finally, I'll go a step further and
argue that it may be legitimate to look at these determiners as  modal
determiners, as a parallel to modal verbs.

Publisert 8. mai 2012 15:59