Assessing Vocabulary

Guest lecture with Professor Norbert Schmitt,  University of Nottingham 


There have been numerous vocabulary tests published recently, and it seems almost like a cottage industry.  However, very few of them have been validated to any degree and most seem to be a 'one-size-fits-all' variety, with no indication of how they should be used, or how their scores should be interpreted.  We have been developing a 'next generation' vocabulary test at the university of Nottingham, and this presentation will discuss some of the issues involved in creating this test.  These include questions like:


  1. What is the best item format to use?
  2. Should we still be using word families as the counting unit?
  3. Vocabulary has typically been bundled into 1,000-word bands (i.e. 1st 1,000, 2nd 1,000, 3rd 1,000 etc.).  Is this the optimum method?
  4. How should the scores be interpreted so that they are useful for learning, pedagogy, and research?
  5. What kinds of validation evidence should be provided to support the test? 

The presentation will be interactive and informal, with questions and discussion encouraged throughout.    

The guest lecture is being held in conjunction with a network meeting of LUNAS - Language Use in Nordic Academic Settings. The lecture is supported by the Nordplus Nordic Languages Programme and the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies.

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