PhD Course: Corpora of text and speech & databases in research

Organizer: Janne Bondi Johannessen (UiO)

Area: Corpora in linguistic research

Course credits: 5 ECTS


Registration deadline: 10th September 2015


Contents of the course

Any research task within the field of linguistics can benefit from some empirical grounding. With strict deadlines and many requirements, any help in this respect will mean time saved. At the same time, some empirical research material can also be used as an anchor and a focus point for a thesis – or any kind of research work. Existing empirical data in the form of linguistic corpora can also be beneficial for comparison with other data, or for checking against a gold standard.

In this course PhD candidates will learn how to use specific corpora to get the information they require, and also how to apply statistical measures in order to be sure that the research results are statistically significant.

The course covers corpora with different modalities (spoken/written), different languages (a vast array of languages), multilingual translations, many kinds of metadata (grammatical tags, home of informants, age, gender, and many more). Knowledge of these resources will be advantageous for PhD candidates, both for their own specific research project, but also to get first-hand information of what exists and what can be done. For candidates pursuing a career in academia it will be valuable to have a good overview of digital resources for use both for themselves and for future colleagues and students.

The course offers talks by leading experts in the field of linguistics and corpus linguistics, and hands-on exercises with real-life research questions from various fields of linguistics.

The course, which includes reading the course literature (a reading list will be provided), lectures and a final presentation, covers 5 CSTS.




Who is it suitable for?

This course is suitable for researchers with some kind of empirical basis in their research. The project should still have some unexplored empirical issues left for the course to be maximally useful. Linguists within all areas (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics, dialectology, discourse analysis etc.) will find the course beneficial.



  • Prof. Atle Grønn (ILOS, UiO)
  • Prof. Dag Trygve Truslew Haug (IFIKK, UiO)
  • Prof. Hilde Hasselgård (ILOS, UiO)
  • Prof. Janne Bondi Johannessen (Text Laboratory + MultiLing, ILN, UiO)
  • Høgskolelektor Bård Uri Jensen: (Høgskolen i Hedmark)
  • Senior engineer Kristin Hagen (Text Laboratory, ILN, UiO)
  • Senior engineer Anders Nøklestad (Text Laboratory, ILN, UiO)
  • Senior engineer Joel Priestley (Text Laboratory, ILN, UiO)



The PhD course (included hotel and meals) is free for researchers from LingPhil institutions:

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