Ethiopian languages: Selected topics

Monday 28th May

14.00–14.05: Janne Bondi Johannessen: Welcome

14.05–14.35: Melkeneh Seid: A Lexicostatistical Analysis of the Nine Dialects of Aari

14.35–15.05: Tsehay Abza: Verbal derivation in Inor

15.05–15.15: Break

15.15–15.45: Etaferahu Hailu: Description of the linguistic features and the sociolinguistic functions of the secret languages used by the Fedwet and the Fuga

15.45–16.15: Patrick Grosz and Janne Bondi Johannessen: Variation in parasynthetic compounds of the coarsefibered type

16.15–16.45: Lutz Edzard: The marked nominative in Arabic, Semitic, and Afroasiatic

16.45– 18.30: Light meal and wine at ILN


Tuesday 29th May

14.00–14.30: Emebet Bekele: Language, Ethnicity and Patterns of Belongingness among Speakers of Gurage Language Varieties

14.30–15.00: Almaz Galagay: Lexical Standardization in the Gamo Language

15.00–15.15: Break

15.15–15.45: Awlachew Shumneka: Language contact and its effect in the Gurage varieties of Muher

15.45–16.15: Solomon Getahun Assefa: Linguistic Features of Amharic Spoken in Gurage


Arranged by: Janne Bondi Johannessen and Kristin Hagen

Linguistic Capacity Building — Tools for the inclusive development of Ethiopia


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