Gjesteforelesninger: Dr. Bert Vaux

Seminaret i teoretisk lingvistikk, Forskergruppe for leksikografi, Tekstlaboratoriet og PhD-koordinator for språk inviterer til gjesteforelesninger 15. og 16. april  

Dr. Bert Vaux

Lecturer ved Universitetet i Cambridge, King's College   

15. april 2009:
"Deciphering the pronunciation of a pre-modern language: the case of Armenian"
How can we tell how a language was pronounced long before we have live speakers, recordings, or even linguistically sophisticated descriptions? I address this question using the example of Armenian, an Indo-European language originally spoken in eastern Anatolia and the Caucasus and now spread in small numbers over most countries of the world. We will consider renditions of personal and place names in contemporary Byzantine documents, errors in manuscripts and inscriptions, phonological patterns in native and borrowed words, triangulation from modern dialects, and rendition of Armenian in non-Armenian scripts (Greek, Roman, Cyrillic, Arabic) and vice versa.


16. april 2009:
"The current state of World English varieties as revealed by new technologies"
Popular opinion maintains that World Englishes have been undergoing radical restructuring over the past two decades or so due to drastic changes in the dissemination of American language and culture via films, television, and the internet. The same internet also happens to provide us with new tools. In this talk I survey what these new tools reveal about the present state of World Englishes, focusing on data collected from a series of large-scale online surveys I have run over the past seven years.

Dr. Vaux, f.1969, er nå ved Universitetet i Cambridge, etter at han var ni år ved Harvard. Han har utgitt en
rekke artikler og bøker,  bl.a. fire artikler i Linguistic Inquiry og flere bøker ved Oxford University Press.


Publisert 18. jan. 2010 10:54 - Sist endret 24. juni 2010 16:45