Gjesteforelesning: Nikolai Vazov

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FORELESER: Nikolai Vazov fra Universitetet i Sofia

FOREDRAG : Context-Scanning Strategy for Identification of Aspecto-Temporal Information 

TID: Torsdag 18. mai, kl. 13.15 – 15.00

STED: P.A. Munchs hus, seminarrom 116

ABSTRACT: The first part of the talk will discuss an approach for the identification of aspecto-temporal values of situations based on context-scanning (context-exploration) strategy. The goal of this strategy is to detect the realisation of aspecto-temporal values in different hierarchically structured text units: simple sentences, clauses in complex sentences and paragraphs. The information provided by the context-scanning analysis allows the representation of the identified aspecto-temporal values of situations in a langage independent model. The units of this model are topological intervals, different temporal referentials, interval bounds relations which are further represented in terms of combinatory logic allowing for various logical inferences about the situations.

The second part will persent an algorithm for machine identification of temporal structures (sets of aspecto-temporal values in cosequent sentences). The algorithm makes use of two sets of rules which operate on utterances in their linear order of appearance in the text. The first set of rules assigns an aspecto-temporal value to each utterance in the text. The second one controls the integration of these values into temporal structure. The integration of each next value into the temporal structure is seen as an association of this value to the temporal structure already built by the preceding aspecto-temporal values. The temporal structure reflects the temporal relationship between the events in the text with regard to the temporal relevance of each situation at the time of utterance. The approach was developed for French and covers many French phenomena, illustrated by French examples, explained and translated into English.


ABOUT Nikolai Vazov : Nikolai Vazov has been working as assitant-professor at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, since 1991. He teaches Russian-English and Russian-Bulgarian translation, Syntax of Modern
Russian and Introduction to  Machine Translation at the Department of Russian Studies. He also gives courses at the Department of French Studies where he initiated a Master programme in Computational
Linguistcs in 2001. Within this programme he teaches Introduction to Operating Systems (Linux), Formal Grammars and Automata, Mark-up Languages and an optional course in Temporal Reasoning .




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