Alexander Peter Pfaff

Postdoctoral Fellow - Britisk-amerikansk
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Phone +47-22856902
Room NT 610
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Niels Treschows hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1003 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Academic interests

Syntax; (Morpho-)Syntax/Semantics Interface; Syntactic Variation, Historical Syntax; Syntax & Semantics of Noun Phrases: Noun Phrase Architecture, Adjectival & Genitival Modification, Referentiality & Definiteness, Nominal Argument Structure/Relationality

Icelandic / Old Norse – Scandinavian – German(ic)

Philosophy of Language, Epistemology; Classical Greek



Brief presentation of previous work experience and education



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  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2015). On the temporal anchoring of participial events (in German). de Gruyter.  ISBN 978-3-11-043289-3.  33 s.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2014). Inside and outside – before and after. Weak and strong adjectives in Icelandic. John Benjamins Publishing Company.  ISBN 9789027255952.  28 s.

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  • Bech, Kristin & Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2019). Annotating noun phrases in early Germanic languages.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2019). 1000 years apart: The noteworthy journey of a Norse demonstrative.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2019). A "former" analysis, or: How to derive intensionality syntactically.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2019). Adjectival Inflection in German and Icelandic How strong and weak is it, really?.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2019). Noun Phrases in Early Germanic, The Data Base: Annotation, Categories, Features & Issues.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2019). The (pre-)history of the Old Norse adjectival article - How to become an adjective when you're not strong (enough).
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2019). The Nanosemantics of Definiteness.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2019). The Nanosemantics of Definiteness - A Thought Experiment.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2019). The development of noun phrase patterns and definite articles in Icelandic.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2018). Das Adjektiv innerhalb und außerhalb der isländischen DP - Flexion, Position, Interpretation.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2018). Inside and Outside the Icelandic DP - Adjectival Inflection as Diagnostic for Structural Position.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2018). Patterns of Modification and Definiteness Marking from Old Norse to Modern Icelandic.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2018). Patterns of Modification in the Icelandic Noun Phrase - Synchrony and Diachrony.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2018). Patterns of modification and definiteness marking in the history of Icelandic.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2018). Positional Predicates - A Tale of Adjectival Inflection and a Life outside the DP.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2018). Positional Predicates: A Tale of Agreement, Peripherality and Partitivity.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2018). The NanosemantiX of Definiteness.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2017). Adjektivkoordinasjon i gammelislandsk.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2017). Annotation Categories for Nouns.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2017). Modifiers and Modification: Classification - Semantics - Problems - Annotation.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2017). Patterns of Modification in Modern Icelandic and Old Norse.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2017). Patterns of Modification in Modern Icelandic and Old Norse.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2017). Presentation of Annotation Scheme for Nominal Data Base.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2017). Tilbrigði í íslenska nafnliðnum - að nýju og fornu.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2017). When Strong Articles lose their Denotations – A Nanosemantic Exploration into Definite Descriptions.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2016). Inn og út úr íslenska nafnliðnum með sérstakri hliðsjón af beygingu lýsingarorða.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2016). Inside and Outside the Icelandic DP – Some Notes on Adjectival Inflection.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2015). Nominal zones from a crosslinguistic perspective.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2015). Thesis "Genitival and Adjectival Modification in Definite Noun Phrases in Icelandic" - Presentation and public debate with Prof. David Adger (Opponent).
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2014). Adjectives and the Icelandic Article Phrase Part I: Outside articleP - Strong Adjectives.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2014). Adjectives and the Icelandic Article Phrase Part II: Inside articleP - Weak Adjectives.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2013). Some notes on a "former" analysis.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2013). Strong Inflection “in” Definite Noun Phrases in Icelandic.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2013). "Syntax and Semantics of Adjectives" - Workshop organized in connection with 25 SCL.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2013). "Time to Dance and Time to be Drunk" - On temporal reference and simultaneity.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2012). Pre- and postnominal adjectives from an Icelandic Perspective.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2012). Tilbrigði í ákveðnum nafnliðum (í íslensku).
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2011). Gleichzeitigkeit und die temporale Verankerungvon Partizipialereignissen.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2011). On the Temporal Reference of Present Participles.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter & Vangsnes, Øystein A (2011). Restrictive and Non-Restrictive Modification in the Icelandic Noun Phrase.
  • Pfaff, Alexander Peter (2010). Die DP als Ereignisfalle?.

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