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Phone +47-22855993
Room NT 620
Visiting address Niels Treschows hus 9th floor Niels Henrik Abels vei 36
Postal address Postboks 1003 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Topics I teach and supervise

Phonetics/phonology, English language history, dialectology (modern and historical), linguistic variation and change, Middle English, Old English, translation Norwegian-English, writing academic texts

Research areas

English phonetics/phonology, historical linguistics, language variation and change, Middle English, Old English, dialectology

Tags: English, English Language, Phonetics/phonology, Dialectology, Historical linguistics


  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2019). Old English <cg> and its sound correspondences in Old English and Middle English. English Language and Linguistics.  ISSN 1360-6743. . doi: 10.1017/S1360674319000182
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2019). The development of Old English ǣ: Middle English spelling evidence, In Rhona Alcorn (ed.),  Historical Dialectology in the Digital Age.  Edinburgh University Press.  ISBN 9781474430531.  Kapittel 6.  s 113 - 132
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F & Ophaug, Wencke (2017). Laterals in Singing and Speech. Journal of Singing.  ISSN 1086-7732.  74(1), s 61- 76 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2016). Why English is not dead: A rejoinder to Emonds and Faarlund. Folia Linguistica Historica.  ISSN 0168-647X.  37(1), s 239- 279 . doi: 10.1515/flih-2016-0008
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2015). The Middle English Development of Old English ȳ and lengthened y: spelling evidence, In Philip Shaw; Britt Erman; Gunnel Melchers & Peter Sundkvist (ed.),  From clerks to corpora: Essays on the English language yesterday and today: Essays in honour of Nils-Lennart Johannesson.  Stockholm University Press.  ISBN 978-91-7635-004-1.  1.  s 1 - 16
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2015). The development of early Middle English ó: Spelling evidence, In  Historical Linguistics 2013.  John Benjamins Publishing Company.  ISBN 9789027248534.  3.  s 41 - 51
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2013). The diphthongisation of ME (u)over-bar: The spelling evidence. Language and Computers.  ISSN 0921-5034.  (77), s 53- 67
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2003). On the Interpretation of Early Evidence for ME Vowel-Change, In B. J. Blake & K. Burridge (ed.),  Historical Linguistics 2001. Selected papers from the 15th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Melbourne 13-17 August 2001.  John Benjamins Publishing Company.  Artikkel.  s 403 - 415

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  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2016). Long-Vowel Shifts in English, c. 1050-1700. Evidence from Spelling. Cambridge University Press.  ISBN 978-1-107-05575-9.  342 s.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F & Lysvåg, Per (2015). Academic Writing in English (Swedish Version). Gleerups Utbildning AB.  ISBN 978-91-40-69113-2.  200 s.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2014). Academic Writing in English. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.  ISBN 978-82-02-44524-9.  183 s.

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  • Bech, Kristin; Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F & Kesling, Emily (2018). I døde språks selskap: gammelengelsk.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2018). A bar on coda approximants in British English? A diachronic account.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2018). Grimm's Law and Verner's Law: towards a unified phonetic account?.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2018). Prehistoric sound-changes.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2017). The Middle English reflexes of OE <cg>.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2017). The Old English digraph <cg> and its sound correspondences: using early Middle English texts as evidence.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2016). On case loss in English.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2016). On case syncretism and loss of inflectional endings in late OE and early ME.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2016). The development of OE ǣ: ME spelling evidence.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2015). On the continuity of English and the "Middle English Creolization Hypothesis".
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2015). Teaching historical English: strategies and challenges.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2014). On the ontological status of the 'Great Vowel Shift'.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2014). Poshing it up or slumming it down: the form and function of Estuary English.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2014). The "Great Vowel Shift": nature and evidence.
  • Bech, Kristin & Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2013). English as a Scandinavian language? Learn to judge for yourself.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2011). The Chronology and Regional Spread of Long-Vowel Changes in English, c. 1150-1500.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2011). The Development of OE é and éo in Middle English: spelling evidence. Show summary
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2011). The Great Vowel Shift and the Northern Cities Shift: similarities and differences. Show summary
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2011). The diphthongisation of ME ú: the spelling evidence. Show summary
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2003). On the inception and spread of early ME [a:] to [O:] - some observations.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2001). On the Interpretation of Early Evidence for Middle English Vowel-Change. Show summary
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2000). 'On the dating, chronology and regional spread of Middle English long-vowel changes'.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (1998). A Reassessment of the Chronology and Regional Spread of Certain English Long-vowel Changes, ca. 1250-1500.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (1998). Teaching English Pronunciation in Norwegian Schools: Necessary and Possible?.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (1996). The Great Vowel Shift: problems of reification and analysis.

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