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Topics I teach and supervise

Phonetics/phonology, English language history, dialectology (modern and historical), linguistic variation and change, Middle English, Old English, translation Norwegian-English, academic English

Fields of expertise

English phonetics, phonology, historical linguistics, language variation, language change, Middle English, Old English, Early Modern English, the relationship between spelling and pronunciation, dialectology, translatology, academic English

Tags: English, English Language, Phonetics, Phonology, Dialectology, Historical linguistics, Old English, Middle English, Early Modern English, The relationship between spelling and pronunciation, Translatology, Academic English


  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2019). Old English <cg> and its sound correspondences in Old English and Middle English. English Language and Linguistics.  ISSN 1360-6743. . doi: 10.1017/S1360674319000182 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2019). The development of Old English ǣ: Middle English spelling evidence, In Rhona Alcorn; Joanna Kopaczyk; Bettelou Los & Benjamin Molineaux (ed.),  Historical Dialectology in the Digital Age.  Edinburgh University Press.  ISBN 9781474430531.  Kapittel 6.  s 113 - 132 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F & Ophaug, Wencke (2017). Laterals in Singing and Speech. Journal of Singing.  ISSN 1086-7732.  74(1), s 61- 76 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2016). Why English is not dead: A rejoinder to Emonds and Faarlund. Folia Linguistica Historica.  ISSN 0168-647X.  37(1), s 239- 279 . doi: 10.1515/flih-2016-0008
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2015). The Middle English Development of Old English ȳ and lengthened y: spelling evidence, In Philip Shaw; Britt Erman; Gunnel Melchers & Peter Sundkvist (ed.),  From clerks to corpora: Essays on the English language yesterday and today: Essays in honour of Nils-Lennart Johannesson.  Stockholm University Press.  ISBN 978-91-7635-004-1.  1.  s 1 - 16
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2015). The development of early Middle English ó: Spelling evidence, In  Historical Linguistics 2013.  John Benjamins Publishing Company.  ISBN 9789027248534.  3.  s 41 - 51
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2013). The diphthongisation of ME (u)over-bar: The spelling evidence. Language and Computers (L&C).  ISSN 0921-5034.  (77), s 53- 67
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2003). On the Interpretation of Early Evidence for ME Vowel-Change, In B. J. Blake & K. Burridge (ed.),  Historical Linguistics 2001. Selected papers from the 15th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Melbourne 13-17 August 2001.  John Benjamins Publishing Company.  Artikkel.  s 403 - 415

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  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2016). Long-Vowel Shifts in English, c. 1050-1700. Evidence from Spelling. Cambridge University Press.  ISBN 978-1-107-05575-9.  342 s.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F & Lysvåg, Per (2015). Academic Writing in English (Swedish Version). Gleerups Utbildning AB.  ISBN 978-91-40-69113-2.  200 s.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2014). Academic Writing in English. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.  ISBN 978-82-02-44524-9.  183 s.

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  • Bech, Kristin; Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F & Kesling, Emily (2018). I døde språks selskap: gammelengelsk.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2018). A bar on coda approximants in British English? A diachronic account.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2018). Grimm's Law and Verner's Law: towards a unified phonetic account?.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2018). Prehistoric sound-changes.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2017). The Middle English reflexes of OE <cg>.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2017). The Old English digraph <cg> and its sound correspondences: using early Middle English texts as evidence.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2016). On case loss in English.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2016). On case syncretism and loss of inflectional endings in late OE and early ME.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2016). The development of OE ǣ: ME spelling evidence.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2015). On the continuity of English and the "Middle English Creolization Hypothesis".
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2015). Teaching historical English: strategies and challenges.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2014). On the ontological status of the 'Great Vowel Shift'.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2014). Poshing it up or slumming it down: the form and function of Estuary English.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2014). The "Great Vowel Shift": nature and evidence.
  • Bech, Kristin & Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2013). English as a Scandinavian language? Learn to judge for yourself.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2011). The Chronology and Regional Spread of Long-Vowel Changes in English, c. 1150-1500.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2011). The Development of OE é and éo in Middle English: spelling evidence. Show summary
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2011). The Great Vowel Shift and the Northern Cities Shift: similarities and differences. Show summary
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2011). The diphthongisation of ME ú: the spelling evidence. Show summary
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2003). On the inception and spread of early ME [a:] to [O:] - some observations.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2001). On the Interpretation of Early Evidence for Middle English Vowel-Change. Show summary
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (2000). 'On the dating, chronology and regional spread of Middle English long-vowel changes'.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (1998). A Reassessment of the Chronology and Regional Spread of Certain English Long-vowel Changes, ca. 1250-1500.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (1998). Teaching English Pronunciation in Norwegian Schools: Necessary and Possible?.
  • Stenbrenden, Gjertrud F (1996). The Great Vowel Shift: problems of reification and analysis.

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