Anankastic conditionals: the 1985 thesis

Thanks to Sven Lauer of the University of Constance, the Urtext on anankastic conditionals, my 1986 University of Oslo dissertation, appearing in 1985 in the series Papiere des Sonderforschungsbereichs 99 Grammatik und sprachliche Prozesse, is now electronically available. The frontpage on the right links to the pdf (>100MB!).

Please cite more or less like this:

  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (1985) Notwendige Bedingungen im Deutschen: zur Semantik modalisierter Sätze (= Papiere des SFB 99 108, Universität Konstanz). University of Oslo dissertation.

The text is in German. Even so, it covers various topics not discussed in my 2001 paper “Necessary Conditions in a Natural Language”, such as existential anankastics, anankastic causals, and elliptic anankastics.

Here is also the 2017 pre-final version of my article for the Companion to Semantics: Anankastic Conditionals: If you want to go to Harlem, …