Niamh Anna O'Dowd

Doctoral Research Fellow - Sentral-Europa og Balkan-studier
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Phone +47 22854160
Room 1124
Visiting address Niels Treschows hus 11th floor
Postal address Postboks 1003 Blindern 0316 Oslo
Other affiliations Faculty of Humanities (Student)

Academic interests

The focus of my research is on figurative language and thought in multimodal discourse. I am currently investigating the roles of metaphor and metonymy in shaping attitudes and emotions towards the climate crisis and related environmental issues. I am interested in how figurative combinations of images and words are used to construct awareness-raising and activist discourses in particular, the affective and evaluative dimensions of visual and multimodal metaphoric frames, and how these can impact the way individuals reason about and respond to specific environmental issues such as plastic pollution.

My general research interests lie within cognitive linguistic approaches to discourse analysis, cross-linguistic comparisons, experimental methods and language and creativity.


2019-2020: MA, English Applied Linguistics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)

2013-2017: BA(Hons), English and French, University of Exeter (UK)


O’Dowd, N. A. (2022, August 18). Plastic hearts: The emotional and framing impact of multimodal metaphor & metonymy in campaigns about ocean plastic. 8th International Conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition 8 (SALC8), Turku, Finland.

Hidalgo-Downing, L., & O’Dowd, N. A. (2021, June 26). Multimodal metaphtonymy in non-commercial advertising and posters on climate change and environmental awareness. Researching and Applying Metaphor Conference (RaAM14).

Tags: Metaphor, Multimodality, Figurative meaning, Cognitive linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Climate Change, Environmental Humanities, Experimental Linguistics


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