Riccardo Raimondo

Postdoctoral Fellow

Academic interests and Background

Dr. Riccardo Raimondo has obtained a BA in Modern Literatures at uCatania (2013), a Master in Comparative Literature at uParis-Sorbonne (2015), and a PhD in French and Italian Literatures at USPC Paris (2018). He has also been Visiting Researcher at uOttawa (2016) and uOxford (2017), and Post-doc Associate at UZH Zurich (2018-2019). He is Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellow at uMontréal and uOslo with a project entitled ‘Translational Traditions and Imaginaries: A Comparative History of Petrarch’s Fragmenta in France and England’ (2019-2022). He is interested in several areas of the studies on Intellectual history and Book history, as well as the reception of Italian literature from a European transnational and translational perspective.
Dr. R. Raimondo, together with Dr. Christina Bezari (uGhent) and Dr. Th. Vuong (uParis-Nord), have coordinated a volume dedicated to the Imaginaries of Translation (2018):



  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Individual Fellowship
  • Publication grant financed by the FNS (Fond National Suisse)


  • Prof. Dr. Francesco Venturi (uOslo)
  • Prof. Dr. Marie-Alice Belle (UdeM, Montréal)


Tags: translation, riccardo raimondo, petrarch


  • Raimondo, Riccardo (2022). Mysticisme de Gérard de Nerval : une analyse mystico-symbolique. Annali di Ca’ Foscari. Serie occidentale. ISSN 2499-1562. 56. doi: 10.30687/AnnOc/2499-1562/2022/10/014. Full text in Research Archive
  • Raimondo, Riccardo (2022). Translating mind and desires: physiology of passions in Peletier's and Wyatt's translations of Petrarch's Fragmenta. Comparatistica. ISSN 1120-7094. 1, p. 129–141.
  • Raimondo, Riccardo (2022). ESQUISSES POUR UNE THEORIE DE L’IMAGINATION TRADUCTIVE: NERVAL ET BAUDELAIRE TRADUCTEURS. Agon - Rivista Internazionale di Studi Culturali, Linguistici e Letterari. ISSN 2384-9045. p. 78–112. Full text in Research Archive
  • Raimondo, Riccardo (2022). La prose chimère. Poésie, musique et récit symbolique dans ‘Sylvie’ de Gérard de Nerval. Sinestesie (Testo stampato). ISSN 1721-3509. XI(36). Full text in Research Archive
  • Raimondo, Riccardo (2020). Orpheus versus Hermes: On a Few Twentieth-Century French Translators of the Canzoniere. In Birkan-Berz, Carole; Coatalen, Guillaume & Vuong, Thomas (Ed.), Translating Petrarch's Poetry: L’Aura del Petrarca from the Quattrocento to the 21st Century. Modern Humanities Research Association. ISSN 978-1-78188-665-6. p. 152–170. doi: 10.2307/j.ctv16kkxw0.14.
  • Raimondo, Riccardo (2020). Traduction et imaginaires du Canzoniere de Pétrarque, parcours comparés d’artistes et traducteurs . Glomeau et Feltesse, Aragon et Picasso, Bonnefoy et Titus-Carmel. LEA - Lingue e letterature d’Oriente e d’Occidente. ISSN 1824-484X. 8. doi: 10.13128/lea-1824-484x-10999. Full text in Research Archive
  • Raimondo, Riccardo (2020). Clément Marot, traducteur évangélique des Rerum vulgarium fragmenta de Pétrarque. Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme. ISSN 0034-429X. 43(2). doi: 10.33137/rr.v43i2.34794. Full text in Research Archive
  • Raimondo, Riccardo (2020). Jacques Peletier du Mans, traducteur du Canzoniere de Pétrarque. Canadian Review of Comparative Literature. ISSN 0319-051X. 46(2).

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  • Raimondo, Riccardo (2021). Le Phenix Poëte et les Alouëtes. Traduire les Rerum vulgarium fragmenta de Pétrarque en langue française (XVIe-XXIe siècles) : histoires, traditions et imaginaires. Peter Lang Publishing Group. ISBN 9782807613416. 530 p.

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