Riccardo Pulicani

Doctoral Research Fellow - Syntax and semantics
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Phone +47 22856745
Room NT 1108
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Niels Treschows hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1003, Blindern 0315 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Humanities (Student)

Academic Interests 

  • Theoretical linguistics (Generative Grammar).
  • Syntax-Semantics Interface.
  • Quantification and Information Structure (cross-linguistically).
  • Italian language and linguistics.

Research Project 

The main goal of my project is to investigate some issues related to the interactions that exist between some information-structural properties and quantification in different languages. 
In particular, I will try to disentangle the role of topicality and focalisation with respect to doubly quantified sentences.
I will also consider how other complex syntactic configurations (as, for example, clitic left dislocation vs clitic right dislocation) play a role in boosting or restricting scope preferences.
I will focus my attention on Romance languages (with main focus on Italian).
The theoretical framework of the project relies on generative approaches to the Syntax-Semantics interface (à la Heim & Kratzer 1998).
I am part of the research group Syntax and Semantics .


I received my BA in Humanities from the University of Perugia (Italy), in 2013.
In 2016, I received my MA in Linguistics and Cognitive Studies from the University of Siena (Italy). 

Other roles

Tags: Linguistics, Semantics, Syntax, Italian.


Conference Presentation 


  • Callegari, E. & Pulicani, R. (2020), Quantificational PPs and topicalization. Presented at LinguisticEvidence 2020, University of Tübingen (Germany).
  • Pulicani, R. (2019), Analysing the interaction between quantification and Information Structure. Presented at workshop "Challenges of quantification", 11 Jan. 2019, Università di Siena (Italy).
  • Pulicani, R., (2017), Aspects of Italian quantification: an experimental study. Presented at workshop "Quantifiers & Determiners", 29th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, 17-28 July 2017, Université de Toulouse (France).



  • Pulicani, R. (2020), The effects of focalization on doubly quantified sentences in Italian. Presented at Workshop on Focus Alternatives: theoretical and empirical perspectives (FATEP), Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (Germany)
  • Pulicani, R. & Callegari, E. (2020), Nobody likes everyone: on quantified questions. Presented at LinguisticEvidence 2020, University of Tübingen (Germany)
  • Callegari, E. & Pulicani, R. (2019), Topicalized PPs: Movement or External Merge?, Presented at Going Romance 2019, Universiteit Leiden (The Netherlands)
  • Pulicani, R., (2018), Italian quantification: an experimental study. Presented at Linguistic Evidence 2018, University of Tübingen (Germany)
  • Pulicani, Riccardo (2018). Aspects of Italian quantification: an experimental study..

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