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Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Niels Treschows hus 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1003 Blindern 0315 Oslo

Academic interests

Cognitive ethnography and anthropology, embodied imagination, distributed cognition and language, reading, healthcare, psychotherapy, dance, cognitive event analysis.

Courses taught



Oct. 22, 2015   PhD. Title: The Cognitive Ecology of Human Errors in Emergency Medicine: An Interactivity-based Approach, SDU. Supervisor: Prof. Sune Vork Steffensen. The PhD committee consisted of Prof. Per Linell, Prof. Stephen Cowley, Prof. Charles Goodwin

                        8 weeks parental leave inclusive: 2 days per week from 14.11.16 – 02.04.17

Oct. 2008  MA in International Business Communication, SDU (Thesis grade: 12)

Aug. 2006  BA in Media Science, SDU


Stays Abroad - Visiting scholar at the following universities and institutes

2013-2015 Goldsmiths University London, hosted by Prof. Mark Bishop

During my stay at Goldsmith, University of London I was encouraged to build up interdisciplinary, international networks, which are still viable today

2012 (autumn) University of California San Diego, hosted by Prof. David Kirsh

At UCSD became skilled in managing lab activities, thus the ambition to launch the ACE LAB has been on its way since I worked with Prof David Kirsh in his lab at UCSD

2012 (autumn) University of California, Berkeley, hosted by Prof. Claire Kramsch

I got introduced to a radical approach to the study of language and interaction, which has framed my research interest within distributed language and communication

2012 (autumn) Stanford University, hosted by Prof. Michael L. Anderson

I got introduced to the neuropsychological approaches and today Prof. Anderson is a close collaborator in the reading studies I conduct together with my team

2012 (spring)  Gothenburg University, hosted by Prof. Per Linell

During my stay at Gothenburg University I was trained in leading data sessions and Icollaborated with Prof Per Linell on projects and publications


Awards, Research Grants and Involvement in Research Projects

2022        PI on the project: “The Imaginative Power of Reading”. Granted by the Independent Research Council Denmark (app. € 175.000)

2020           Internal HUM-SEED funding to qualify a research project: 55.900 (app. € 7455)

2019       Part of the exploratory workshop series: The Nordic network of embodied learning (EmLearning). Granted by NOS-HS. App € 43.000 (PI: Ass. Prof, Theresa Schilhab, Aarhus University).

2019         PI on the project: “How do university college students read? A cognitive ethnography study”. Granted by the Independent Research Council Denmark (app. € 400.000)

2019          Project partner in the successful project "Building Blocks". Granted by the Academy of Finland. App. € 480.000. (PI: Prof, Minna Suni; Jyväskyla University)

2018           Internal funding to establish the ACE LAB of app. DKR 800.000 (app. € 107.000)

2016      Co-applicant to the successful grant proposal, a VELUX project: “The Ecology of Psychotherapy: Integrating Cognition, Language, and Emotion”, PIs: Prof. Sune Vork Steffensen, SDU and Associate Prof. Thomas Wiben Jensen, SDU (app. € 800.000)

2012       The Elite Research Scholarship of DKK 300,000 (app. € 40.000) granted by The Danish Ministry of Research, Innovation and Higher Education.


Positions held

Current and Previous Positions - including my key tasks/focus points

01.02.2022   Independent researcher, LCE, Oslo University

04.04.18 -    Associate Professor DLC, University of Southern Denmark (SDU): building a strong, sustainable network around communication research (in multiple domains such as healthcare and education) with researchers and organisations

01.04.16 -   Assistant Professor, DLC, SDU: focus on finishing my book on errors and interaction

01.11.15 - 30.03.16: Postdoc, DLC, SDU: Communicating research results in media & international journals

2011­ - 2015   PhD Scholar DLC, SDU. 1 year of maternity leave inclusive: 19.09.13 – 29.08.14

2008­ - 2011  Research Assistant, DLC, SDU: teaching, supervision and requiring basic research habits




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