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About the Centre

The Centre for Slavic and Eastern European Studies promotes insight and knowledge of Russia, the post-Soviet states, Central Europe, and the Balkans.

Many people walking in the street with rainbow flags.

Coming out in Kraków. Photo: Wikimedia

Research on Eastern Europe

The Centre's faculty members research and teach a broad spectrum of topics. These range from the use of grammatical aspect in Slavic languages and minority politics in Eastern Europe, to nationalism and contemporary politics in Russia, the Saint Petersburg myth in Russian literature and the memory heritage from the Habsburg Empire.

The centre opened in the spring of 2019 and functions as an interdisciplinary academic meeting place for the study of Slavic and Eastern European languages, cultures and societies. The Centre’s researchers and educators possess Norway’s most extensive knowledge of Russian, Polish, Czech, and Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian. These languages are spoken by a total of 235 million people.

In addition to teaching and researching languages, staff members research the history, literature, culture, and society of the Slavic and Eastern European part of the world. Staff members are frequent commentators in the national media and experienced public speakers at international and national conferences.

The Kremlin, Moscow.
The Kremlin, Moscow. Photo: Colourbox


The Centre serves as an academic meeting place and an arena for interdisciplinary communication and knowledge promotion. This involves hosting a series of seminars where we invite staff researchers, as well as researchers from other institutions, to lecture on topics of current interest.

Anyone with an interest in the major topics researched by the staff is welcome to participate in the seminars.

Contact information

Head of Centre

Eva Sarfi

Administrative Coordinator

Anders Christian Norum

Postal address:

Senter for slaviske og østeuropeiske studier
Institutt for litteratur, områdestudier og europeiske språk
Postboks 1003 Blindern, 0315 Oslo, Norway

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