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Film Screening: Bolshe Vita (Hungary, 1996)

We are kindly inviting all interested students and colleagues to the fourth film screening in the series of Post-Socialist Screenings at the Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages (ILOS) this autumn.

A scene from the movie "Bolshe Vita" (Hungary, 1996).
Photo: IMDb

About the film

Bolshe Vita (written by Ibolya Fekete) is based upon the brief window of "openness" in Hungary and other parts of Eastern Europe in 1989, offering contrasting glimpses of the time before and after. Questioning not only the Eastern, but also the Western alternative, Hungary finds itself confused about what to do, and how to do it, in a world from which autocracy has suddenly, and without preparation, been subtracted. The plot follows two Russian street musicians, who find themselves on the middle ground between East and West in Budapest.

Where and when

October 23, 6.00 PM, auditorium 3, Sophus Bugges hus. Tea and coffe will be served. All interested are welcome.

About Post-Socialist Screenings

After 1989, people in post-socialist countries faced extensive systemic changes on the economic and political levels, which affected their public and private lives. Sometimes the borders in-between were swept away relentlessly, leaving people behind. The film screenings shown at ILOS this autumn are about people who lived through socialism, and those who are trying to find their place and their identity in post-socialist society.

Read more about this autumn's program and the Post-Socialist Screenings.


The Post-Socialist Screenings are organized by Anastasia K. Røen and Mónika Dánél, with the support of Centre for Slavic and Easter European Studies, project Probing the Boundaries of the (Trans)National and Elisa Storchi and Randi Cathinka Neverdal from University of Oslo Library.

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