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Accommodation of Regional Diversity in Ukraine

A project studying identity and political reform in Ukraine. 

Residential area in Ukraine

Foto: Unsplash/ Dimitri Anikin

The project "Accommodation of Regional Diversity in Ukraine" started in 2018 and is led by researcher Aadne Aasland at NIBR/OsloMet. The project examines how ethnicity, language and regional-local identity interact within the context of political reform in Ukraine. Its main aim is to find out to waht extent, and how, current Ukrianian decentralisation, education and language policies affect social cohesion among ethnocultural groups in two very different border regions, Kharkiv and Chernivtsi. 

At this event, three researchers participating in the project from NIBR/OsloMet will each give a lecture about regional political reform in Ukraine. 


Aadne Aasland: Managing regional diversity in Ukrainian reform policy. 

Marthe Handaa Myhre: Ukrainian education reform and language in schools. 

Jørn Holm-Hansen: A federal solution to Ukraine's regional tensions?



Where and when

Date: February 19th at 2pm-3:15pm. Register your attendance here. The event page can be found here



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