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Triannual Conference of Nordic Slavists 2022

Participate in the largest conference for Nordic slavists!

An architecturally striking building against a blue, lightly cloudy sky. Photo is taken upwards, frog's perspective.

Georg Sverdrup's building at UiO.


Conference programme

Key speakers

  • Brita Bryn, University of Bergen
  • Tore Nesset, UiT the Arctic University of Norway
  • Renata Ingbrant, University of Stockholm
  • Thomas Olander, University of Copenhagen
  • Irina Sandomirskaja, Södertörn University College
  • Bo Petersson, University of Malmö 


The conference will arrange a banquet for participants and speakers. The banquet will take place 13. august, 19.00.


Nordic Slavist Association

Time and place

The Triannual Conference of Nordic Slavists takes place between 10. - 14. august 2022. The conference will be held at the university of Oslo, campus Blindern, Georg Sverdrups hus, HumSam-library. 14. August is the day of departure and is hence without programme. Welcome!

How to participate

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