The History of the Ideas and Politics of the Hungarians of Yugoslavia, 1945-1989

How did the Hungarians of Yugoslavia integrate into Socialist Yugoslavia, and what strategies did they develop to improve their political position?

Cover of the book "The History of Ideas and Politics of the Hungarians of Yugoslavia 1945-1989"
Photo: L'Harmattan

An ambivalent era

This volume, edited by Márk Losoncz and Krisztina Rácz, examines the ideas and politics of Hungarians living in Yugoslavia during the Socialist era, lasting from the Second World War to the dismantling of Vojvodina's autonomy. The volume seeks to capture this ambivalent era in as many ways as possible, by including a legal analysis of the age, the mapping of educational and cultural policy, the presentation of demographic changes and the processing of Hungarian-Yugoslav interstate relations, as well as the reconstruction of outstanding intellectual achievements.


The book is available through L'Harmattan.

By Márk Losoncz and Krisztina Rácz
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