Review of Putz (2019): Metaphor and National Identity. Alternative Conceptualization of the Treaty of Trianon

Ljiljana Saric has written an article reviewing Putz's (2019) Metaphor and National Identity, providing an alternative conceptualization of the Treaty of Trianon.

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The journal Metaphor and the Social World aims to provide a forum for researchers to share with each other, and with potential research users, work that explores aspects of metaphor and the social world. The term “social world” signals the importance given to context (of metaphor use), to connections (e.g. across social, cognitive and discourse dimensions of metaphor use), and to communication (between individuals or across social groups). The journal is not restricted to a single disciplinary or theoretical framework but welcomes papers based in a range of theoretical approaches to metaphor, including discourse and cognitive linguistic approaches, provided that the theory adequately supports the empirical work. Metaphor may be dealt with as either a matter of language or of thought, or of both; what matters is that consideration is given to the social and discourse contexts in which metaphor is found. Furthermore, “metaphor” is broadly interpreted and articles are welcomed on metonymy and other types of figurative language. A further aim is to encourage the development of high-quality research methodology using metaphor as an investigative tool, and for investigating the nature of metaphor use, for example multi-modal discourse analytic or corpus linguistic approaches to metaphor data. The journal publishes various types of articles, including reports of empirical studies, key articles accompanied by short responses, reviews and meta-analyses with commentaries. The Forum section publishes short responses to papers or current issues.

This article by Ljiljana Saric reviews Metaphor and National Identity. Alternative Conceptualization of the Treaty of Trianon by Putz (2019). You can find the article here.

Published Oct. 17, 2021 3:40 PM - Last modified Oct. 17, 2021 3:46 PM