English language corpora

Researchers at ILOS (UiO) have access to the following English-language corpora and corpus tools.

Corpora Notes
British National Corpus CQP edition (password required)
Corpus of British Fiction

Available at https://nabu.usit.uio.no/hf/ilos/elc/ with Feide.

English-Norwegian Parallel Corpus http://www.tekstlab.uio.no/cgi-bin/omc/PerlTCE.cgi (password required)
ICAME corpus collection Available via programkiosk (contact Signe Ebeling or Hilde Hasselgård)

International Corpus of English

Available at https://nabu.usit.uio.no/hf/ilos/elc/ with Feide.
International Corpus of Learner English (ICLEv2) Available programkiosk
LINDSEI (spoken learner English) Available via programkiosk
The Oslo Interactive English Corpus Searchable online
Oslo Multilingual Corpus PerlTCE, Glossa
The Penn Parsed Corpora of Historical English Contact Kristin Bech
VESPA (Norwegian component: linguistics, literature & business) Contact Hilde Hasselgård or Signe Ebeling
WordSmith tools Available via programkiosk


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