Papers on corpus linguistics

This page is intended as a repository for unpublished papers, papers in pre-publication format and papers reporting on work in progress.

Stig Johansson. 2006. Interpreting textual distribution: social and situational factors.

This paper was prepared in 2006 for a book project which turned out to be a long time in the coming and was pubished only in 2013 in Yamazaki, Shunji / Sigley, Robert (eds), Approaching Language Variation through Corpora. A Festschrift in Honour of Toshio Saito. Peter Lang, 25-64.

The present pre-publication version of the paper was formatted by Hilde Hasselgård. No changes were made to its content apart from updating a couple of obsolete URLs.


Stig Johansson. 2008. Contrastive analysis and learner language

This document contains the chapters of Stig Johansson's course compendium for ENG2162 Contrastive and learner language analysis that deal with learner language. The chapters concerning contrastive analysis have been taken out of this document for reasons of copyright: as Stig Johansson says in the preface to the compendium, they draw heavily on material published elsewhere, particularly his 2007 book.

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