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Forms of Resistance

How can we understand the concept of resistance and its various forms of expression?

Geometric shapes in red, black, white and blue. Graphics.

Richard Mortensen, «La Résistance», 1978, oil on canvas, 195x320; 240x195

Photo: Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers

About the group

The research group "Forms of resistance" brings together researchers from several fields, with a special orientation towards literature, aesthetics, philosophy, medicine, archive and media studies. The group will shed light on the concept of resistance both on a narrative, thematic level, and on an inner, more formal and theoretical level, aesthetically and technically as well as ethically.

Research interests

The concept of resistance occurs directly and indirectly in large parts of modern critical thinking. The term denotes a force that opposes or cancels another force, and points etymologically to restoration and rebuilding. Aesthetic resistance is also an internal matter, related to language and form. Resistance understood as «opposition» is historically and politically a democratic principle. Concepts such as protest movements, cultur politics, identity politics and biopolitics show the actuality of resistance. In our time, there is a great need to deepen the sense of resistance, to seek knowledge and understanding of the relationship between power and resistance. Basic questions are:

  • How can resistance contribute to counteracting oppression, injustice and dominance, and at the same time strengthen a free subjectivity?
  • How do the forms of resistance appear exploratory and experimental, with different expressions, languages, forms of archives, media and ecologies?
  • How is the concept of resistance within philosophy related to power?
  • How does resistance appear in a medical perspective, related to, among other things, the immune system, dynamic therapy and psychoanalysis?
  • How is the concept of resistance in literature and art part of an enlightenment project, as in the various avant-garde movements?
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