Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies

NIES is a research network for environmentally oriented studies based primarily in the humanities.

About the network

NIES was founded at the University of Oslo in 2006 and is now based at KTH in Stockholm.

The Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES) invites contributions from both humanistic and social science disciplines in a cross cultural interdisciplinary examination of the importance of environment to human societies.

The network consists of researchers whose work addresses environmental questions from numerous disciplinary angles; the fields of history, literature, ethnology, linguistics, landscape architecture and cultural studies are represented among the 50+ researchers now affiliated with NIES.

While the network is strongly anchored in the Nordic countries, institutional affiliation in the Nordic region is not a prerequisite to membership.

The network's spheres of interest, broadly speaking, include focuses on enviornmental integrity, stability and sustainability as illumined at the intersection of culture and nature.



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Mark Luccarelli

We encourage enquiries about participation in the network.