10th EST Congress: Advancing Translation Studies

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Thank you for a fantastic Congress!

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On June 21, 2022, we offered a pre-conference workshop series to those interested in improving specific skills. 

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Social and cultural events

Participation in the EST22 Oslo Congress includes some optional events. 

  • New MUNCH Museum visit 
    June 25, 2022 4:00 PM–7:15 PM, The new MUNCH Museum

  • Congressional Dinner 
    June 24, 2022 7:15 PM–11:00 PM, Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel

  • Reception at Oslo City Hall
    June 23, 2022 5:00 PM–6:30 PM, Oslo City Hall


Advancing Translation Studies is our theme! We hope this theme shows our aim to engage in inclusiveness, interdisciplinary approaches and a warm sense of community within the field and its practices.

In these times characterized by different degrees of confinement and isolation but also by critical global challenges on worldwide communications, both human and machine, in professional and in everyday life, we want to emphasize the need for fruitful encounters that allow us to continue advancing in our field towards the future. Translation is always involved in overcoming the challenges of global communication and defying isolation, and this is why we would like to embrace advancement as a common and diverse space of collaboration among disciplines while crossing theoretical approaches and enhancing professional practices.  

Recent and ongoing global crises require special attention and new directions in many interdisciplinary areas at the crossroads of Translation and Interpreting Studies, such as ecology of translation; challenges on multiculturality; migration fluxes; intercultural mediations; gender and racial awareness in translation practices; new horizons for machine translation; emotional & cognitive aspects; identity perspectives; imagological approaches; audiovisual translation techniques; multimodal settings; corpus linguistics projects; remote interpreting tools and their uses; new methods of translation & interpreting training; sign language interpreting strategies; non-professional translation & interpreting environments; diversity of local and global communities; ethical and other dilemmas are only a few examples of where progress can be made when Translation and Interpreting Studies meet critical areas of human interest.   

Local Organizing Committee

Our Local Organizing Committee welcomes you at the 10th EST Congress in Oslo! A diverse team of scholars and administrative personnel coordinates and gathers efforts to design and offer an engaging and warm Congress.

General Coordinators

Local organizing committee

Administrative team

Support team

  • Elena Azcona
  • Gabriel Gustavo Gallo
  • Alexandra Skandali
  • Nhu Phuong Nguyen 
  • Zheng Ma
  • Mafalda Almeida
  • Osman Abdullah
  • Arthur Henriksen 
  • Nora Brodtkorb
  • Ingrid Brevik 
  • Martin Lysrud
  • Angelica Zetina-González
  • Ahmad Alhashmi
  • Stine Oseassen
  • Nicole Martha Sirnes

Scientific Committee

The EST22 Oslo Scientific Committee brings together a rich variety of international researchers who carry out their professional activity on different continents and countries. This selected group seeks to represent a wide variety of theoretical perspectives and languages related to translation and interpreting studies.

Chair of the Scientific Committee

  • Cecilia Alvstad

Members of the Scientific Committee

University Venues


E-mail: local-est@ilos.uio.no

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