Thesis seminar in area studies 22 September

ILOS runs the thesis seminars for PhD fellows in area studies. PhD fellows from other departments at the Faculty of Humanities working within area studies are welcome to participate in these seminars.

Please sign up here by the end of 15 September.

Guidelines - monograph or article-based thesis

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The session runs as follows: Two or more papers, about 10 pages, are circulated in advance. PhD fellows presenting papers give an introduction (about 10 minutes) followed by a commentary (5-10 minutes) and then a general discussion.

The papers may consist of presentations of the PhD project, of single chapters, or of more specialized topics, theoretical or other.

Presenting a paper is 2 ECTS; commenting is 1 ECTS. You are also most welcome to participate without presenting or commenting. We will circulate the texts in advance to make sure that everyone gets a chance to read them. If you find that you would like to play an active role in the general discussion of these texts, there is a possibility for registering as an active participant (1 ECTS). You should then notify the seminar leader by email on beforehand (or just ask before the seminar starts), so that she can consider awarding your participation in class with one credit point.

It is generally recommended that you participate in these seminars more often than the program strictly requires, both as a presenter, commentator, and participant.

Thesis seminars are an excellent forum for general discussions and are an important social arena. The length of each seminar will depend on the number of presenters. If the seminar is scheduled to last three hours, lunch will be included (please check the start/end time above). Coffee will be served!

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