Writing Fast and Slow - Semester Kickoff

Seminar and lunch meeting for ILOS PhD fellows and all who plan to attend seminars at ILOS. Special guest Lars Fredrik Janby tells all about the ups and downs of writing a thesis from start to finish. Followed by Q&A with the organizers at ILOS: everything you always wanted to know about your program and life at Blindern. Let the fall semester begin!

Please join us for this special kickoff seminar featuring Lars Fredrik Janby, who defended his thesis at IFIKK in 2015:

"While not completely helpless, we are thrown into life as PhD students without always knowing our directions. The purpose of this seminar is to aid PhD students on the voyage toward completing their thesis by examining the writing process. The seminar does not aim to tell what a PhD thesis is, but how it comes into being and the various risks that can arise in midstream (delusional optimism and perfectionism are just some of the topics that are covered). To that effect, the seminar focuses on issues and perceptions related to the writing process that all PhD students are familiar with from their own work."

Don't miss this opportunity to hear the truth and meet other PhD candidates!

The final part of the seminar will be a combined Q&A session and lunch with the PhD leader and PhD admin ready to answer all of your questions.

Published June 9, 2018 7:48 PM - Last modified Aug. 26, 2019 10:54 AM