How to Get Published

One day workshop on abstract writing and journal publication with Josie Dixon. Submit your draft by 7 January 2019 to get feedback or bring some text along to the workshop. All participants will be asked to send a short paragraph outlining their research. Please send your materials by e-mail to Tina Skouen.

Organizer: Tina Skouen

Please sign up here by Friday 30 November

Josie Dixon

Josie Dixon

The workshop is best suited for those in the later stages of a PhD who are either a) working on a draft article, or b) identifying sections of their project suitable for article publication. 

If you have an article in progress, at whatever stage, you may find it helpful to bring it along to the workshop.

Want to submit a draft in advance? Please send it by e-mail to Tina Skouen by 7 January 2019.

The morning session on how to write a persuasive abstract will also be useful for preparing conference papers to be developed into articles or thesis chapters later.

For more information on Josie Dixon and the workshop, please see the following links:
Workshop: Writing Articles for International Publication in Peer-Reviewed Journals
(Humanities & Social Sciences)

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