New researchers on the project: Welcome to Silvia and Andreas!

Silvia Grassi joined the project as a researcher in January 2015.

The title of her subproject is: National Tales on TV: What Catalan Public Television Service Tells Us about Catalonia.

She presented her project to ILOS’ researchers on January 16th, 2015.

Andreas Stormo received a project scholarship to write his master’s thesis on the topic Creating a New Vocabulary of Discontent: Market Fundamentalism, Piketty and the American Creed

New researchers on the project: Welcome to Anna, Laila, Stefan, Višnja and Ole!

MA students Anna C. Likværn, Laila A. Berg and Stefan B. Vukšić received  project scholarships in December 2015.

Višnja Čičin-Šain and Ole Sneltvedt joined the project as PhD fellows in January 2016.

International cooperation

Framing the Nation and Collective Identity in Croatia: Political Rituals and the Cultural Memory of Twentieth Century Traumas (FRAMNAT), University of Rijeka, Croatia

Functions of the Past in Contemporary Catalan Culture: Institutionalisation, Representations, and Identity. The Open University of Catalonia, Spain.