Events and activities


► 26 November 2010: Guest lecture by Professor Kristin Melum Eide, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Title of the talk: "How (and why?) English is different: On finiteness and V2."

ISWOC Workshop 1: 7 - 9 January 2011, at Lysebu.

► Conference: ICAME 32 - International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English, Oslo, 1 - 5 June 2011.

► Workshop: Challenging Clitics, organized by Christine M. Salvesen and Hans Petter Helland, Oslo, 27 - 28 October 2011.

ISWOC Workshop 2: 8 - 9 June 2012, at the University of Oslo, Blindern campus and Hotel Royal Christiania.

► Conference: ICHL 21 - International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Oslo, 5 - 9 August 2013.



16 May: Kristin Bech and Christine Meklenborg Salvesen talked about the linguistic consequences of the Battle of Hastings on the NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) radio program Språkteigen.

26 - 30 May: Kristin Bech attended ICAME 31 in Gießen, Germany, and gave a work-in-progress paper on the ISWOC corpus.

11 August: ISWOC and PROIEL had a half-day seminar on information structure annotation. Topics covered were specificity, complex NPs, the limits of inference and proper names.

22 - 27 August: Kristin Bech attended the 16th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics in Pécs, Hungary, and gave a paper on information structure aspects of the translation of the gospels into Old English from Latin.

27 - 28 September: ISWOC, PROIEL and MENOTEC had a two-day seminar on corpus annotation, focusing on Old Norse. Topics covered were, among other things, word classes, the syntactic annotation of relative clauses, and how to distinguish between arguments and adverbials for prepositional phrases.

5 October: Kristin Bech presented the ISWOC project and corpus in the Corpus Linguistics Group.

17 November: Kristin Bech and Christine Meklenborg Salvesen talked to the Eidsvoll Philological Association about the consequences of 1066 for English and French.

26 November: Guest lecture by Professor Kristin Melum Eide, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Title of the talk: "How (and why?) English is different: On finiteness and V2."

1 - 2 December: ISWOC, PROIEL and MENOTEC had a two-day seminar on corpus annotation, focusing on Old Norse.


7 - 9 January: International workshop at Lysebu with all our project partners and addtional (invited) guests.

17 January: Kristine Eide guest lectured on Portuguese language history at the Goethe Universität, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.

27 January: One-day Norse annotation seminar in Bergen.

9 - 12 February: Kristine Eide attended Simposio Internacional de Corpus Diacrónicos en Lenguas Iberorrománicas in Barcelona, Spain, and talked about annotation of information structure in a multilayered and plurilingual corpus.

31 March: Signe Laake talked to Hof historielag (The Hof History Association) about data collection in the Norwegian Dialect Syntax Project NorDiaSyn, her previous employer.

2 May: Signe Laake talked about the Norwegian Dialect Syntax Project NorDiaSyn at the University of Tartu, Finland.

12 - 13 May: One of our master's students, Synnøve Myking, attended the GIST 3 conference in Ghent, Belgium, together with Christine M. Salvesen.

1 - 5 June: Kristin Bech, as a member of the organizing team, was busy during the ICAME 32 conference.

20 - 24 June: Master's student Synnøve Myking attended the LOT summer school in Leuven, Belgium, and gave a poster presentation on her master's thesis project, prepositional phrases in Old French.

25 - 30 July:  Kristin Bech, Kristine Eide, Signe Laake, Jan Terje Faarlund, Jens Haugan and Christine M. Salvesen attended the 20th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Osaka, Japan. Kristin Bech talked about left periphery discourse structures in Old and Middle English and Old and Middle French (master's student Sonja Radwan contributed a lot of French data for this talk); Kristine Eide talked about postverbal subjects of unaccusative vebs in the history of Portuguese; Signe Laake talked about noun phrases and the definite article in Old and Middle Norwegian; Jan Terje Faarlund talked about the nature of Pro and the aquisition of subjects; Jens Haugan talked about scrambling in Old Icelandic and the relation between syntax and information structure; Christine M. Salvesen talked about pronominal reorganization in Old and Middle French.

10 - 18 August: Signe Laake attended the Eighth International Summer School on Manuscript Studies, Reykjavik, Iceland.

22 - 25 August: Signe Laake attended the N'CLAV Grand Meeting and gave a presentation (with Janne Bondi Johannessen) entitled: 'The Norwegian language of the American Midwest: Old-fashioned and standardised towards Bokmål'.

7 - 8 September: Two-day Norse annotation seminar in Oslo.

14 September: The first of six theory seminars for the project group and other interested participants, organized by Jan Terje Faarlund. The other seminars are on 27 September, 2 November, 16 November, 30 November, and 14 December.

22 September: Kristine Eide gave a lecture at'Smaksprøver på språkforskning' - a language research seminar for master's students and researchers at our department, ILOS.

28 September - 2 October: Kristin Bech attended the Helsinki Corpus Festival, Finland, and talked about information structure annotation.

5 - 26 October: Kristin Bech was on a research stay at the Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, to learn Old High German and check out the Humboldt group's corpus and search method. In that connection, she gave a seminar (unfortunately not seminal) talk at Humboldt on 14 October.

6 - 7 October: Signe Laake attended the meeting of the network for Nordic syntax history - Nätverket för nordisk syntaxhistoria, Uppsala, Sweden.

27 - 28 October: Challenging Clitics, workshop in Oslo organized by Christine M. Salvesen and Hans Petter Helland.

27 October: Kristine Eide gave a lecture on the bastards of Latin at Faglig-pedagogisk dag - an annual event when anyone can come to UiO and attend lectures. The talk was entitled: 'Latinens bastarder: En grammatisk affære i romanske språk. Grammatiske likheter mellom spansk, fransk, italiensk, portugisisk og rumensk.'

24 - 26 November: Signe Laake attended MONS 14 in Tromsø and talked about verb-initial clauses in Old Norse.

November: Our master's student Sonja Radwan completed her thesis entitled 'L'ordre des mots en ancien français. La syntaxe et la structure informationelle de la zone préverbale'.


2 - 4 January: Danish-Norwegian seminar at Lysebu, organized by Kristine Eide and Christine M. Salvesen.

5 - 7 January: Kristin Bech and Kristine Eide attended ACRH - Workshop on Annotation of Corpora for Research in the Humanities and the 10th International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories in Heidelberg, Germany, and gave a talk on the annotation of syntax and information structure in a multilayered corpus.

13 - 17 February: Four-day LFG course with guest lecturer Prof. Helge Dyvik, University of Bergen, followed by a one-day workshop on LFG and information structure with Prof. Mary Dalrymple, Oxford University. The course was open to PhD students, who received 3 ECTS credits for it.

24 February - 23 March: Visit by guest researcher Dr. Ioanna Sitaridou, Cambridge University.

7 - 9 March: Kristin Bech attended the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft annual conference, and the workshop Historical Perspectives on the Properties of Anaphors in Discourse, Frankfurt, Germany, and talked about initial adjuncts in the history of English.

28 - 31 March: Kristine Eide and Kristin Hagemann attended The Second Cambridge Colloquium on the "Histories of the Ibero-Romance languages" - Norman MacColl Symposium 2012 at Queen's College, Cambridge. Kristine Eide presented the paper 'Information Structure in the history of Portuguese'.

26 April: Kristin Bech talked to the Corpus Linguistics Group about initial adjuncts in the history of English and initial position in the history of French.

May: Our master's student Synnøve Myking completed her master's thesis entitled 'Le groupe prépositionnel en ancien et moyen français'. We are pleased that she has since moved on to a PhD position at the University of Bergen.

8 - 9 June: We were happy to welcome our partners to ISWOC workshop 2!

14 - 16 June: Our excellent partners in the PROIEL project organized their closing conference entitled Exploring Ancient Languages through Corpora. ISWOC participated and gave a corpus demo.

20 - 25 August: Kristin Bech attended the 17th International Conference on English Historical Linguistcs, Zürich, Switzerland, and talked about the anaphoric status of initial adjuncts in the history of English.

9 - 10 October: The annual meeting of Nätverket för nordisk syntaxhistoria - the Network for Nordic syntax history - was held in Oslo this year, organized by ISWOC alumnus Kari Kinn. Kristin Bech and Kristine Eide gave a presentation of ISWOC and a corpus demo, to an audience of (mostly) Swedes, who are thinking about starting a corpus of Old Swedish, and were very interested in our method and experiences. In addition, Kari Kinn talked about the cognitive status of null subjects in Old Norse.

1 November: Kristin Bech and Christine M. Salvesen regaled an audience of some 100 teachers at Faglig-pedagogisk dag with a tour through English and French language history.

8 November: Jan Terje Faarlund presented a paper on "English as a North-Germanic language" (joint work with Joseph Emonds), in which he outlined the syntactic similarities between Middle English and Norse, and suggested that Middle English was not a continuation of Old English, but a Norse language that had Old English borrowings.

7 December: Kristin Bech commented on Faarlund's claim in the newspaper Morgenbladet.


25 February: Kristin Bech and Christine Salvesen talked about 1066 at 'Smaksprøver på språkforskning', a seminar for the master's students at ILOS.

12 and 13 April: Kristin Bech participated in a workshop on syntactic change and information structure in Germanic at the University of Manchester, and gave a talk on information structure annotation of old Germanic languages.

23 April: Kristin Bech and Christine Salvesen guest lectured about 1066 at Hedmark University College.

22-25 May: Kristin Bech attended ICAME 34 in Santiago de Compostela and presented a paper entitled 'Superficial typology: the so-called verb-second constraint in Old English and Old French' on behalf of herself and Christine Salvesen.

May: Our master's student Solfrid Gamlem completed her master's thesis entitled 'Boundedness and information structure in the history of English with special reference to clause-initial adverbials and subjects.'

5-9 August: Kristin Bech was a member of the organizing team of the 21st International Conference on Historical Linguistics in Oslo. Kristin Bech and Christine Salvesen presented a paper on V2 in Old English and Old French. Kristine Eide gave a paper entitled 'A corpus-based approach to information structure and syntax in the diachrony of Portuguese.'

31 October: Kristin Bech and Gjertrud Stenbrenden gave a paper entitled 'English as a Scandinavian language? Learn to judge for yourself' at the annual Teachers' Day.

21-23 November: Signe Laake talked about her research at Mons 15 in Oslo.

6 December: Kristin Bech attended a workshop on 'Information Structure and Clause Combining - Diachronic and Synchronic Aspects', at the University of Potsdam and gave a paper entitled 'Clause combining: Conjunct clauses and non-conjunct clauses in Old and Middle English'.

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