Project leaders

Kristine Eide and Kristin Bech.

Kristin Bech

Kristin Bech is project leader as well as coordinator for the research on Germanic. She has studied English, French and Latin, and wrote her doctoral dissertation on word order and information structure in Old and Middle English. Please contact her for any questions regarding the project.

Kristine Gunn Eide

Kristine Eide co-founded the project with Kristin Bech. Kristine Eide has written her PhD dissertation and several articles on the interface between syntax and information structure in the history of the Portuguese language. She has a degree in Romance Philology, with Portuguese and French as her main languages. Eide is responsible for coordinating the researchers in the Romance languages and for the coordination of the technological part of the project.


Kristin Hagemann

Hagemann is post doctoral fellow in Romance languages (Spanish). Her PhD dissertation was on the emendation and purpose of the Glosas Emilianenses.

Signe Laake

Laake is PhD fellow in Old Norse. Her master's thesis was a diachronic study of nominal phrases in Old Norse and Norwegian.

Jan Terje Faarlund

Jan Terje Faarlund (ILN), professor of historical linguistics, has written major works on historical Scandinavian syntax, as well as articles on information structure in Old Norse.

Alexandra Edzard

Edzard has a PhD in French language history - her dissertation was on the written language of French Jews in medieval times. She is involved in the annotation of Old French in the corpus.

Kari Kinn

Kinn's master's thesis was a diachronic study of formal subjects in Norwegian. She is involved in the annotation of information structure in the Norse part of our project. In the fall term of 2012, she started working on her doctoral dissertation on Old Norse, on a stipend from the Faculty of the Humanities, University of Oslo.

Master's students

Master's student Sonja Radwan worked on word order in Old French, and submitted her thesis in the fall term of 2011. Title: 'L'ordre des mots en ancien français. La syntaxe et la structure informationelle de la zone préverbale'.

Master's student Synnøve Myking worked on prepositional phrases in Old French, and submitted her thesis in the spring term of 2012: Title: 'Le groupe prépositionnel en ancien et moyen français'.

Master's student Solfrid Gamlem, University of Bergen, worked on boundedness and information structure in Old English, and submitted her thesis in the spring term of 2013: Title: 'Boundedness and information structure in the history of English with special reference to clause-initial adverbials and subjects.'


PROIEL, University of Oslo (Dag Haug, Hanne Eckhoff)

MENOTEC, University of Bergen (Odd Einar Haugen)

Informationsstruktur und Wortstellung im Germanischen, Humboldt University, Berlin (Svetlana Petrova, Roland Hinterhölzl, Eva Schlachter, Marco Coniglio)

Dr.Bettelou Los, Radboud University, Nijmegen (and Ans van Kemenade, Erwin Komen, Rosanne Hebing, Gea Dreschler)

Professor Susan Pintzuk and Dr. Ann Taylor, University of York

Dr. Esther Rinke, Hamburg University

Dr. Ioanna Sitaridou, Cambridge University

Professor Marit Westergaard , CASTL, University of Tromsø


Associated partner

Post doctoral fellow Christine Meklenborg Salvesen (works on clitics in Old French and Italian and supervises our master's students in Old French.)

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