Meaning and Understanding across Languages (completed)

Our knowledge of how we construe meaning in and through language is still incomplete. This one-year project has sought to widen and deepen our appreciation of how messages are encoded in spoken, signed or written signals and decoded in the intended fashion.

The project was initiated and led by Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen.

About the project

20 researchers from various fields have collaborated at The Centre for Advanced Study at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (CAS) in the academic year 2010-11 in a concerted quest for answers to three basic questions on how language works:

  1. How exactly does the linguistic code interlock with the context of communication?
  2. How does the code of our mother tongue influence our conceptualization of the world and the organization of our description of it?
  3. How does the code of our mother tongue affect our processing of signals in a second or third language?

For a more comprehensive overview of objectives, setup and activities, consult the CAS project homepage.

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For a general survey, consult the October 2011 project report here.

Specific results are described and made available under Publications in the left menu.

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