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EURONOR: The Nordic Model in an Europeanised context

The Nordic model and the Nordic region (Norden) are attracting increasing interest internationally. Our project aims to analyse perceptions and discourses of Norden and the Nordic model in European cultures and politics.

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About the Project

At EURONOR our main focus and starting point is the “view from outside”; how Norden and the Nordic model is perceived and debated outside the Nordic region itself or, more specifically, in the rest of Europe. Traditionally, Nordic solutions to political problems played a rather peripheral role in European politics, but in more recent years, the Nordic model has assumed centre stage in many political debates and electoral campaigns in Europe. This new political impact has been accompanied by an increased and broader interest in Nordic culture, and at EURONOR, we aim to study this combination of a cultural and political impact.

The overall hypothesis presented by the project is that both perceptions of the Nordic model, and the Nordic countries themselves, are being profoundly affected by a process of Europeanisation. While the Nordic states have different affiliations with the EU, they are all arguably becoming Europeanised through the manner in which EU norms, rules and procedures increasingly shape their internal workings.  The central question posed by the project is therefore: What is the status of the Nordic model in today’s Europeanised context, and how does this impact on perceptions and debates about the Nordic model in those European countries we study?

EURONOR is a multidisciplinary project which includes scholars from area studies, history, law, literature, political science, and sociology and, at the moment, we focus primarily on perceptions and discourses of the Nordic model in the United Kingdom, and France.

The Project is part of one of the three
main thematic initiatives
of the University of Oslo UiO:Nordic.

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Project leaders:

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