08-05-2011: MA dissertation online
Betine Husflåtten’s dissertation Feiringen av 17. november og fløyelsrevolusjonen i Tsjekkia is now online.


15-10-2011: Paper at conference in Szeged
Kjetil Rå Hauge delivered the paper Named or unnamed, but not unsung: Bulgarian national heroes at the conference “Heroes and celebrities in Central and Eastern Europe”, organised by the Bálint Sándor Institute for the Study of Religion, Gál Ferenc Theological College, and the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Szeged, Hungary


03.12.2010: Guest lecture at Stanford University
Knut Andreas Grimstad held a lecture entitled "What Jews Mean for Poland or The Legacy of Anti-Semitism in the 'New' Polish Press" at the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian studies.

02.12.2010: Presentations
Project meeting: Presentations on progress of theses by PhD student Alexander Bielicki and MA students Biljana Dragišić and Irfan Turković

22.11.2010: Guest lecture at Berkeley, University of California
Knut Andreas Grimstad held a lecture : "Comemmorating ‘March 1968’ or, how Polish Newspapers Grapple with the Legacy of Antisemitism". details

15.11.2010: Submission of an MA thesis
Irfan Turković has finished his MA thesis  "The Celebration of Islamic Holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina; from Communism through War to Exile"

01.09.2010: Internship in Prague for one semester
Betine Huflåtten became a trainee at the Norwegian Embassy in Prague.

01.03.2010: New MA students
Betine Huflåtten and Irfan  Turković are new MA students on the project, with following master thesis subjects:
Betine Huflåtten: "17 November and the celebration of the Czech Velvet Revolution in 1994 and 2009"
Irfan Turković: "The Celebration of Islamic Holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina; from Communism through War to Exile"

February-November 2010: Research stay in Slovakia
Alexander Bielicki was a guest researcher in the Slovak Academy of Sciences of Arts in Bratislava

15.01.2010: Dragana Kovačević is engaged as a new research assistant on the project

January-December 2010: Preparation of the book
Tentative title: Red-Letter Days and Discursive Identity Negotiations in Central Europe and the Balkans


Timeline for production of book from workshop papers

06-07.11.09 International Workshop Programme

01.09.09: New Participants on the Project
Biljana Dragišić is a new MA student engaged on the project. Her tentative MA thesis title is: "All our Vidovdans"
Aleksandra Bartoszko is engaged as a new research assistant on the project.

11.05.09: The Bulgarian Year
Presentation by Kjetil Rå Hauge

01.05.09: Call for Papers
Submission deadline June 21, 2009. More

27.04.09: Identity Formation, Constitution-Making and the Democratic Consolidation of the EU
A guest lecture by Research Professor Hans-Jörg Trenz (Arena, Centre for European Studies)

20.04.09: Collective Memory, National Days, and Media Texts, Coverage of February 15th in Serbia in 2009
Presentation by Liljana Saric

01.04.09: Call for MA-Stipend
Submission deadline 1 June, 2009. More

23.03.09: Collective Memory and Historical Reconstruction
Guest lecture by Kåre Dahl-Martinsen, Senior Research fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies.
The starting point of this lecture is French philosopher Maurice Halbwach´s analysis of the relation between historical time and memory. Tzvetan Todorov further pursues this theme in his 2004 book Les abus de la mémoire (The abuse of memory), where he deals with the public control of national memory. This book is a contribution to the ongoing debate in French academic circles concerned with the obligation to remember.

09.03.09: Nationalization and Sacralization Process in the Construction of Identity (Sviatok Panny Márie Sedembolestnej/Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows Day)
Presentation by Alexander Bielicki

09.02.09 Red-letter Days and Stenoprotokoly of the Czechoslovak Parliament
Presentation by Karen Gammelgaard

 02.02.09: New Participants on the Project
Alexander Bielicki moves to Oslo to write his PhD and work as a research fellow in our team. His tentative PhD thesis subject is : "A Nation in Worship? Representations of Identity in the Slovak National Pilgrimage".
Marko Soldic is granted a trainee position at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign affairs in Skopje.
Agnes Banach is engaged as a new research assistant on the project.



18.12.08: Public Commemorations in Slovenia
Guest lecture by Bozidar Jezernik of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

10.12.08: Commemorating the End of Communism in the Czech Lands: Textual Representations of the November Revolution
Seminar with Pavel Janacek of the Institute of Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague. More

19.11.08: Jasenovac vs Bleiburg: Contested Narratives in Croatian Public Rituals
Guest lecture by Assistant Professor Vjeran Pavlakovic of the University of Rijeka, Croatia. More

12.11.08: Political Rituals in Post-communist Slovakia
Guest lecture by Professor Silvia Mikhailova of the Comenius University of Bratislava, Slovakia. More

27.10.0802.11.08: Research Trip to Prague and Ljubljana
The project moves temporarily to the Czech Republic and Slovenia to capture first-hand impressions of the Day of Independence of the Czechoslovak State (the Czech Republic, 28 October), Reformation Day (Slovenia, 31 October) and All Saints Day (Slovenia 1 November).