31 October, Reformation Day, Slovenia

Since 1992, Slovenia has been celebrating Reformation Day (Dan reformacije) on 31 October. Although Slovenians are predominantly Roman Catholic, the Reformation contributed profoundly to the cultural development of the country.

Trubar Museum, Ljubljana: Primož Trubar (in effigy) preaching to a member of the project team (in person).

Reformation Day commemorates the posting of Luther’s 95 theses on a church door in Wittenberg in 1517; however, in the Slovene context, it celebrates the changes brought about by the Reformation period, which provided a key point of reference for Slovenian nation-building centuries later.

The movement in Slovenia was epitomized by Primož Trubar (1508–1586), a Protestant priest who endeavored to write books in a language that could easily be understood by all Slovenians.

His Abecedarium spelling-book and Catechism, published in 1550, gave Slovenians the first books in their language.


In his speech at the celebration of Reformation Day in 2008 the president of Slovenia, Dr Danilo Türk, said: “We see an important source of inspiration in the period of the European Reformation and the role of Slovenian Protestants in the sixteenth century. In that turbulent time, Europe began to emerge as a community of political nations; it was a period when, step by step, Europe freed itself from the then domination of the Catholic Church and its moral blunders. It was a time that called for revival. And revival came – along with Humanism and the Renaissance, religious reformation and the spread of the written word facilitated by the invention of print, the use of national languages and the coming into being of nation states […] The spirit of the Reformation and reformers is still needed today. When Slovenia looks for role models from the past, the important figures of the Reformation are especially close. Their message remains written in our historical memory forever. Their contribution to our cultural and political growth is indelible and continuously relevant. Their ethics set an example and inspire all of us, regardless of our religious affiliation or ideological orientation. Therefore, it is right to honour their memory and to demonstrate adherence to their heritage. Therefore, it is right that Reformation Day is a day for serious thought and serious effort for the improvement of our reality.”

Inspired by Trubar

A video with modern rap music inspired by Primoz Trubar (in Slovenian)

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