Montenegrin Statehood Day (13 July)

 Montenegrin Statehood Day commemorates 13 July 1878, when the Berlin Congress recognized Montenegro as an independent state. On this same date in 1941, the people of Montenegro began the uprising against the Germans.


 King Nikola I of Montenegro

Statehood Day should not be confused with Montenegro's Independence Day, which occurs on 21 May and celebrates the plebiscite in 2006, when the majority of the voters decided to become a sovereign state, separate from Serbia.

The Principality of Montenegro was first recognized as an independent state under the rule of Nicholas I, after the wars that the Montenegrins fought against the Ottoman empire, as part of the Ottoman Wars in the period of the decline of this empire.

This recognition was followed by the modernization of the state, and in 1910 the country became a kingdom. After the Balkan wars in 1912-1913 and because of the fact that the Ottoman empire had lost almost all its Balkan territories, Montenegro increased its territorial control and came to border Serbia, its historical ally.

It has sided with Serbia ever since, both in the First and the Second World War.

From 1918 to 2006 Montenegro was not an independent state, but belonged to Yugoslavia in its various incarnations.

The modern sovereign state of Montenegro celebrates the day when it first became an independent state, regardless of the discontinuity that followed. 

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