Russian meets Norwegian (completed)

The RuN project has established an educational and research oriented environment for graduate students and scholars from Russia (notably Murmansk Humanities Institute) and the University of Oslo working on languages in contrast (Russian vs. Norwegian and/or English).

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About the project

Full project name: Where Russian meets Norwegian - languages at the interfaces

We believe that focus on contrastive linguistics and translation studies can bridge the gap between research and education in the field of advanced second language learning of Russian and Norwegian.


Among the results of the project are: development of new BA/MA-courses, organization of three major international conferences, publication of teaching material, research articles, MA/PhD-theses etc. Of particular interest is the development of the RuN Corpus, a parallel Norwegian-Russian-English corpus. The corpus provides a basis for our contrastive studies in teaching and research, including the study of grammatical phenomena such as tense, aspect, mood, information structure, (in)definiteness, bare nominals in Russian and Norwegian from the perspective of both native speakers and second language learners.


The RuN project (2008–2010) receives funding from the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU) through its Cooperation Programme with Russia.


Murmansk Humanities Institute

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