Seminars, workshops & talks


April 12
Guest lecture by Pavel Iosad, Tromsø.
Title: A good old-fashioned approach to Russian palatalization
Time: Monday April 12, 14.15-16.00
Place: Undervisningsrom 3, Georg Sverdrups hus (University Library)
Organizers: PROIEL and The RuN project

Abstract: Within the early generative tradition, facts of Russian phonology were extensively used to argue for complicated rules systems with extremely abstract underlying representations. Following the turn to a more surface-oriented and at the same time less representation-aware theory in the 1990s, generative analyses of Russian phonology have tended to uphold derivationalism and multi-stratal computation (Plapp 1999, Rubach 2000 et passim). In this talk I present an analysis of Russian (morpho)phonological palatalization which re-examines the representational assumptions behind today's derivational analyses. Specifically, I argue for a "good old-fashioned" approach to palatalization facts which recognizes both the independence of palatalization from the backness of the following surface vowel and the role of morphology in morpheme-edge palatalization processes. Using the Parallel Structures Model of feature geometry (Morén 2003), I present a straightforward account of most palatalization-related processes in Russian without recourse to serialism. (Joint work with Bruce Morén-Duolljá.)

March 8
Guest lectures on impersonal sentences in Russian by Olga Klonova Tuesday February 23 and Tuesday March 9
RUS2130 - Vår 2010 (Grammatikk og oversettelse III)

March 5
Course materials by Galina Smirnova on pragmatic aspects of oral communication in Russian.

February 15
Guest lecture by Vladimir Plungyan, Moscow, February 26 at 10:15 in group room 1 GS (Georg Sverdrups hus, library), Blindern.

Lecture: «Participles and pseudoparticiples in modern Russian: on their boundaries and variation»

Plungyan is one of Russia's foremost linguists in areas such as typology and corpus linguistics. He has also worked much with Slavic languages. The lecture is held in Russian and will deal with participle constructions in Russian. The lecture is open to students, researchers and other interested parties.

February 15
The RuN project hosts three guest lectures in February on pragmatics and oral communication by Galina Smirnova, Murmansk.


15 June
Corpus research workshop

26 May
Talk given by Atle Grønn (in Norwegian): Presentasjon av en flerspråklig database med idiomatiske uttrykk, Norla og Utenriksdepartementets Internasjonale oversetterkonferanse, Hønefoss.

21 March
RuN workshop, Oslo.

11 February
Talk given by Atle Grønn: RuN-OMC  om parallellkorpora for moderne språk, HF-vitenskap på nettet: Noen løpende prosjekter og deres internettimplementering, UiO, Oslo.

31 January
RuN seminar, Oslo


20 December
RuN seminar, Oslo

1 November
Talk given by Atle Grønn: RuN-prosjektet: om bruk av parallellkorpus i kontrastive norsk-russiske studier, Norsk-russisk kultursenters høstseminar, Oslo.

19 September
RuN seminar, Oslo.



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