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The Place of the Cognitive in Literary Study (completed)

This project is a forum for research exchange in cognitive approaches to literature. It will develop a metadiscourse about the problems and possibilities of this new interdisciplinary research field.

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The Team: Kukkonen (NO), Kuzmicova (SE), Polvinen (FI) and Christensen (DK).

Photo: Tommi Laine.

About the project

Today, cognitive literary study is establishing itself as a field that brings together literary study with the methods from the cognitive sciences and their models for the human mind. What goes on in the minds and bodies readers of literature or audiences of theatre or film? Literary study has time and again explored new angles on the issue. The place of the 'cognitive' (writ large to include also imaginative and emotional aspects of cognition) in literary study, however, is neither clear nor uncontested.

This project will seek answers to how we can understand and conceptualise literary study’s engagement with the current formulations of the cognitive in the sciences, philosophy and the study of reading.


“The Place of the Cognitive” will establish an open forum for literary study that is interdisciplinary and aware of its social impact.


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