Kick off conference & workshop March 9th – 10th 2015

The Traces of History project brings together researchers working on word order in Germanic and Romance languages. On March 9th – 10th 2015, word order and verb second were the centre of attention at a workshop at the University of Oslo.


Over two days, V2 was discussed in 13 talks with different approaches to the phenomenon. 

Call for papers.


Practical information.


Ian Roberts













Federica Cognola gives her talk, while Tolli is chairing.













Drawing trees. Federica Cognola.














George Walkden participated by Skype.






Jan Terje Faarlund, Paco Fernandez-Rubiera, and Elly van Gelderen.



Paco and Jan Terje.



Sam Wolfe, Theresa Biberauer, André Antonelli, and Federica Cognola.



Tolli Eythorsson.



Elly van Geldere and André Antonelli.



Federica Cognola.



Paco Fernandez-Rubiera and Christine Meklenborg Salvesen



Sam Wolfe






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