Venue: Niels Treschows hus, 12th floor.


Monday March 9th

09:00-09:15       Welcome

                         Chair: George Walkden

09:15-10:30       Ian Roberts: Second Positions: A Synchronic Analysis and Some Diachronic Consequences

10:30-11:00       Theresa Biberauer: Not just preserved, but reinforced and expanded: V2 in modern Afrikaans

11:00-11:30       Coffee

                        Chair: Þórhallur Eyþórsson

11:30-12:00       Federica Cognola: On Germanic and Old Romance V2. The view from Mòcheno

12:00-13:00       George Walkden: Language contact and the loss of strict V2

13:00-14:30       Lunch

                        Chair: Fransisco José Fernández-Rubiera

14:30-15:30       Cecilia Poletto: Scrambling phenomena in the Old Italian DP

15:30-16:00       Giuseppe Samo: Notes on FinP as landing site for V2

16:00-17:00       Elly van Gelderen: Subjunctives and the split CP in the history of English


19.00                 Dinner at Celsius


Tuesday March 10th

                          Chair: Federica Cognola

09:30-10:30       Georg A. Kaiser & Michael Zimmermann: Exploring verb order differences between (Medieval) Romance and (Modern) Germanic

10:30-11:00       Fransisco José Fernández-Rubiera & Christine Meklenborg Salvesen: V2 and enclisis: a uniform analysis for Germanic and (some) Romance varieties

11:00-11:30       Coffee

                        Chair: Elly van Gelderen

11:30-12:30       Þórhallur Eyþórsson: Anderson's revenge: V2 and Adjacency

12:30-13:00       André Antonelli: Roots of V-to-C Movement in Romance: Investigating Late Latin Grammar

13:00-14:30       Lunch

                        Chair: Christine Meklenborg Salvesen

14:30-15:00       Sam Wolfe: The Medieval Romance languages and V2: a new perspective for parameter theory

15:00–15.30       B. Devan Steiner: Focus Placement and Verb Second in the History of French

15:30–15:45       Closure

16.00–16.30       Board meeting




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