Research topic: North America

The continent of North America contains the nations Canada and the USA, which make up the northern part of the American double continent.

The United States of America was formed in 1776 when the 13 British colonies on the Atlantic coast were unified. This union was continually expanded, and in 1853 the USA acquired its present-day land mass between Canada and Mexico.

In 1912 the USA was divided into states, and in 1959 Alaska and Hawaii also became member states of the federal republic.

In the course of its relatively short history, the USA has developed into the most powerful state in the world, economically, culturally, politically and militarily.

The Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages studies social conditions and culture with special emphasis on the USA. A deeper understanding of these influential countries, especially the USA, increases insight into the situation in the international community.

The subject gives a comprehensive and in-depth insight into North American cultural and social life from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

Although the American literary tradition is not very long, it is exceptionally rich and varied. Among the many potential research topics in this field, literary researchers in the department are particularly interested in the 1800s (the American Renaissance, realism), the interwar period (the Lost Generation, modernism) and contemporary American literature.

The combined population of USA and Canada is more than half a billion. North America’s proportion of the world’s population is declining.

Several units at UiO conduct research on North America

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